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What’s been up..?

The last week has been one of those rides.. where everything seems to be happening at the same time .. and not all necessarily great!

I got back from my trip to Luanda, Angola with a serious case of sinuses. Although I didn’t take any time off .. it hasn’t been the greatest time. Our young man was also man down and is only just recovering, that though does not mean he is less active! If anything, he demands so much more. Love it!

As horrible as it sounds, I’m thrilled that it’s the last week of school break, yay!!! Even more exciting is that J is clearly loving all the school activities. He asked the other day when he was going back 🙂

Besides all the Gupta, Zuma, Impeachment Motions, Panama papers, possible plague in our city and the Pikitup strike .. our lives continue.

Yesterday my dad-in-law suffered a heart attack.

He managed to reach the hospital in time.

He has been in theater and thank God, he survived the experience but isn’t yet out of the woods.

Jack is a strong and resilient young man at heart! He has so much history behind those eyes and his ailing heart holds so much love for his first lady, his wife. Like his son, my hubby, he hates being man down. I can only imagine how this is making him feel. He has a few more hurdles to jump before we can relax, please keep him in your prayers.

Don’t give up Jack, we have a few more Brandy and Cokes to share, and plenty more laughs….

Speedy recoveries young man!



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