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Keeping my toddler busy is hard work!


Two weeks now our young man has been on school break, and this morning he wakes up and asks if he can go to school today. Either he really is enjoying school or he is ultra bored with the entertainment we’re providing at home 🙂 I want to believe it is the former!

Although we have done a few “fun” things with our young man over the last two weeks, it certainly feels like as parents we have to constantly find ways of keeping our children from getting bored! This got me thinking. I appreciate that we evolve etc. but surely just as much as they evolve they also really in essence stay the same?

I grew up in a small town or village if you must label it 🙂 I don’t recall our parents going out of their way as much as I find parents today have to. My thoughts move over those the children growing up in villages and farms, they don’t have all these luxuries children living in the big cities are made to believe they “must” have in order not to be bored.

Growing up was loads of fun for me. I kept myself entertained. Calling school mates and meeting up at the local club for either some fun in the pool playing games like Marco Polo, Open Gates, Stingers games I actually don’t hear being mentioned at all by today’s youth. If it was cold then we were out playing tennis, squash, and any of the above too. We had Atari … our version of the Playstation 🙂 but we didn’t spend too much time indoors. We were out on our bikes too, or playing marbles or even at the park on the trampoline, swinging, sliding, running around .. but seldom at home complaining about being bored.

Why have our youngsters become so reliant on others for entertainment?


Anyway, last weekend during the local church’s Easter Egg Hunt we got handed a flyer for LittleKickers, reading their website they seem to have been around for a while now and I’ve since discovered that although I only heard of them last weekend, they have been right outside my doorstep for a while now! How sad!

They focus on soccer or football for pre-schoolers from age 18 months all the way to 7 years old. No, they don’t all get trained by the same coach at the same time, but are separated into age groups so you won’t find a 7-year-old kicking the ball with a toddler that’s 2 years old.

Reading through their website it does sound like loads of fun and the kids are kitted out too, making it extra special I think. Don’t we all love uniformity 🙂 This weekend we will be putting it to the test with our young man. I do seriously hope that he will enjoy the experience and wants to take part more.



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  1. I agree, I remember hundreds of kids in the back yard during the holidays, riding the swings, the bikes, playing hide and seek, climbing the kopje behind the house, having sleep-outs in the garden at night, none of the superficial stuff we seem to do now, maybe its a Joburg thing and I would like to think that kids in the rural parts of SA have more real fun ?

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