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Daddy Bloggers .. where are you?

Daddy Bloggers - SOUTH AFRICA
Daddy Bloggers – SOUTH AFRICA

I’ve blogged for a while now, ok it’s been about 2 years on a regular basis. In this period every so often I will run a search in one of the search engines to see if there are any other “Daddy” bloggers out here in South Africa. There seem to be networks in the US, UK and even in Australia, as these come up constantly but nothing in my region. OK! I lie, I have found two other Daddy Bloggers one is daddyblogger and the other thedadblog 🙂

Where is everyone else?

Are the dads in South Africa too busy to blog and keep their blog going? How are dads single or married coping? Are there any lessons learnt that you could share with the rest of us in the blogosphere?

If you’re aware of any other dad bloggers out here in South Africa, please leave their links in the comment area.

I have found loads of mommy bloggers and reading their blogs has helped in many instances. I also joined the SA Mom Blog Network as I find the network resourceful. This network of mom’s meet up and discuss interesting blogging topics including how to improve your blog. It was at this junction that my curiosity peaked. Does South Africa have a SA Dad Blog Network?

Just curious…



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