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Getting over bedwetting …

On the throne like a pro
On the throne like a pro

Almost a year back I blogged about how our son needed to be potty trained before he started at his new school this year. You can catch up here 🙂 By the end of 2015 he was very trained. The only challenge, and I’ve since found out from chatting to other parents that they, being the toddlers, all keep their pee in for as long as possible or until there’s no turning back or you will have a disaster! UGH!

C’est la vie!

We have since progressed and although our boy still has his moments of pushing his limit, he mostly asks to use the loo ahead of time. Lately though, I’m finding that although he asks to go to the loo for number 1 .. number 2 I have to almost force the issue else he could potentially go for a day or two without going. The farts begin to occur on a more frequent level and that’s normally when we know “Mr” hasn’t been to the toilet! He will push back and complain that he doesn’t need to go, but the minute he is on the throne it’s a different story! He gets himself really comfortable, so comfortable that he even asks for a book to “read” 🙂 Wonder where he gets that from ….

School has regular toilet breaks, and I understand from the teacher that this is so those that are shy have a less likelihood of messing and embarrassing themselves in the process. I’m not entirely convinced though that number 2 is part of the process .. but I’m sure there are cases.

Our next challenge is bedwetting. Yes he is still quite young, but he overall does not wet the bed regularly. I find that in most instances when the bed wetting does happen, it’s our fault. Yes, us the parents are to blame.


Well I find that in our case, if we leave supper for too late and give him liquids too close to bedtime, then the likelihood of there being a wet bed during the night is extremely high. We try to make sure he has finished all his supper and liquids at least 30 minutes before bed. We run through our bedtime routine, and just before prayer suggest he goes to the toilet. This seems to work. His face in the morning when he rushes over to our room and announces that there has been no peeing on the bed is priceless … “I didn’t wee on the bed mathé”! The odd occasion when we have “an accident” , he is still in our room announcing that he had an accident… “mathé, I wee on the bed “. I believe it important not to make a fuss about it and in the process give him a complex about it, as bedwetting can be am embarrassing issue for them? Besides, we were ALL there at some point!

Some facts about nighttime incontinence or enuresis -bed wetting for the rest of us 🙂

  1. After the age 5 or 6 it’s involuntary urination
  2. It can run in the family
  3. It’s more common in boys
  4. Important not to make a fuss about it
  5. Chat to you doctor just in case there’s an urinary infection – especially if it restarts at a later age
  6. Toilet trips before the child’s bedtime doesn’t cure the bedwetting but will support keeping the bed dry
  7. Incentivize your child – we find this works for us too
  8. They all eventually grow out of it .. just be patient!


I found this clip really helpful..

Good luck 🙂



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