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Beachtime with the family …

Beach Time
Beach Time

This past weekend I participated in the annual Midmar Mile event out in Howick. An event I’ve been keen to take part in for the longest time but just never got round to it, until now.

That we would travel all the way down to Howick for a day just didn’t make sense so, we turned it into a long week. Bonus is that we weren’t really taking our son out of school just yet.. two more years before it all gets serious.

Lighting a candle for hope
Lighting a candle for hope

We arrived in Pietermaritzburg around lunch time following a few stops because of our toddler, having had a really early start to our trip. Tackled the lunchtime traffic and we arrived at the registration venue. Loads of branding and collection of my number was efficient, we were in and out of the venue pretty much within 10 minutes.

First Stop - Lunch
First Stop – Lunch

Next stop would be our home for the weekend, Emdloti.

When we planned the trip it didn’t seem like it would be a far drive, but when you’re with a toddler .. yet it was. Eight hours after leaving home we arrived, and decided that lunch was seriously in order.

Hubby ordered some Nachos and I ordered some grilled stuffed Calamari. As it was very warm a draft beer for me and a Cider for hubby. Our young man just wanted some ice-cream. Although a little on the pricey side, it was well worth it. Our waiter was attentive, and around when we looked for him. Food was well presented and very tasty. Our drinks we chilled just right and the overall vibe at the SandBar perfect. I’m just curious why the smokers get the best view … 🙂 I recommend the restaurant, so when you’re next in Emdloti why not pop in for a bite and a chilled drink while enjoying the stunning ocean view across the road.

Spindrift Guesthouse
Spindrift Guesthouse – source: guesthouse website

By now we were ready to check into our home for the weekend and head onto the beach for a bit of sea and sand. As always we were welcomed by the owner of the Spindrift Guesthouse Jean. We realised this past weekend that we have frequented this guesthouse for 8 year come this next July. We’ve stayed in two of the three available units over this period. Even Judy’s husband Pat has become a familiar face, in the earlier years he rarely ventured out to speak to us.

Why do we keep going back?

  1. We are made to feel welcomed
  2. We are given space to relax
  3. Guests are not on top of each other, everyone comes and goes. Throughout all our stays there have been guests in the other units but we’ve always felt private
  4. It is secure
  5. Units are well-kept and clean
  6. Each unit really feels like your home, as they are well equipped – Fridge, Stove, Microwave, TV, comfortable bed
  7. Two of the units have stunning views of the ocean
  8. Although not far from the main – only street in Emdloti – you have a sense of being in a cabin out in a secluded forest. You don’t hear the road traffic
  9. The beach is within walking distance from the guesthouse, about 200m+/-
  10. The friendliest hosts you could ask for

To swim or not to …

Our son has not been keen on the beach for the longest time .. ok it’s only been three years but feels like forever! Every other time and this time, he has asked to go to the beach… more like insisted.. but when we get there he would refuse to go anywhere near the water, opting always to play in the sand.

We all love icecream
We all love ice-cream

This time round was no different. We arrived, he approached the water and then literally ran back and refused to get near it again. I still don’t know what happened, but the next thing I knew we were all three getting our feet wet. Hubby and I looked at each other but said nothing. We wanted the moment to last, if it was a once off occurrence. Before long he was being pushed back by the waves, and laughing at the experience excited for the next wave to come in that would splash and make him fall backwards. He was having a ball of a time, so much so that when we said it was time for supper, we ended up with sulks and tears. For the rest of the weekend this was our norm. He couldn’t wait to hit the water.

Our afternoons on the beach ended with ice-cream cones for everyone. Even the ladies behind the counter already knew our orders, but they were always reminded by our son that his was “white ice-cream please” .

The break was fantastic and totally short, that said I think all three of us needed it. We’ve all come back feeling relaxed and ready to kick ass the rest of this year! Our young man seems more confident, seen by how vocal he was on the first day back at school. Relating our weekend to his teacher, informing her of all the animals he had seen and really engaging in conversation with her.