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Show and Tell .. oh wow!

My Family
My Family

It’s been 4 weeks today that our young man started at his new school and I will be the first to state that I’m so sold on the school and am incredibly happy we opted for it.

In these 4 weeks our young man, among other things,  has learnt about the word “MAY” and not the month. The last two weeks it’s been “May I please have some” .. “May I play too” .. “May you help me” .. man oh man I’m so loving it!

He has become so confident and is now loving school so much he asks dadD to please leave, when hubby drops him off in the morning. There have been instances too where he has basically arrived at school, dropped his back into his locker and settled onto the class play area with his favourite car. Forgetting that dadD is waiting at the class entrance for a simple “Bye dadD” .. alas, it won’t be coming. DadD leaves feeling sad, but happy that our young man has obviously settled into his new school.

As a family after a month of playing around with sleep time, wake up time, tackling traffic, deciding who gets dropped off first between our son or I, planning school snack etc we seem to have finally cracked it. We’re up at about 6, we have our cup of coffee, ok our son has milo – his version of coffee – about an hour later our young man is fed his porridge and I have my Herbalife Shake.

Herbalife Breakfast Shake
Herbalife Breakfast Shake

The shake is comes in various flavours and is super tasty and nutritious! I actually find that I’m left satisfied for most of the morning before I need to snack on something. Then it’s off to the shower, brushing our teeth, dressing before we pick our bags, lunch boxes and hit the road. Hubby has mastered the snack packing for our son, so much so that it is very rarely that anything is brought back home after a day at school. Well done dadD!

Two weeks back we had the various extra-mural suppliers at the school, after reading up on all of them and “discussing” it with our young man we decided on an activity. Although it would have been great for him to have started this term we decided against it for two reasons. Firstly because he would have been the only child in his class attending the activity and secondly because we felt he has just settled into the new school, so let’s allow him to properly settle in before throwing him into another new environment. The latter is also the headmistress’ recommendation, so we felt it the direction to go in.

Helicopter ..Lawnmower … Parenting …

I attended our son’s first PTA meeting last week Wednesday and the headmistress asked us all in attendance to please refrain from being Helicopter or Lawnmower parenting.

Do you know the difference?

Lawnmower parenting according to the

a parent who clears all obstacles from their child’s path, so that they never have to deal with any problems by themselves. They clear the path for their child before they even take a step, preempting possible problems and mowing down obstacles in their child’s way.

Helicopter parenting according to the

a parent who takes an overprotective or excessive interest in the life of their child or children.

Why would she say that? Well because you’re actually not doing your child any favours by being either of these two types of parents. I totally agree. Our children need to learn to fend for themselves. They need to be able to appreciate that we as parent won’t always be able to be around when they fall in LIFE! That sometimes they need to get up, dust off the dirt and get back on the “bike”.

This past weekend hubby and I took our young man to the local park. I’ve mentioned before that our son is super active and doesn’t believe in taking the easy road in life. The park has a bit of an incline leading to the dam, so our son loves and I mean LOVES walking his bike up to the top and then riding his bike all the way to the bottom. Yes, there is a bit of speed and that’s the thrill I guess. Appreciate too, that the area this is all happening on is grass, and that although he is speeding around he is also breaking with his shoes .. yes we’re constantly replacing his shoes because of this! Needless to say he came off the bike. Both times I could tell that the fall wasn’t serious and if left alone he would get up without a tear. Fortunately we still have a few people who ran over to him and that of course started the water works. If they had just left him, he would have gotten up and pushed his bike to us relating what happened. We saw the whole incident, if it had been serious believe me we would have been the first at his side.

We’re always watching our kids, and we know when something is serious and when it isn’t. If we’re constantly clearing the way for our kids, how will they ever learn to handle similar situations when we’re not around to pick them up? How will they learn how to break their fall so that it isn’t so damaging to them? We may believe that we’re helping them, but I don’t believe that in the long-term .. we really are.

Show and Tell …

First Show and Tell
First Show and Tell

This week our son had his first take at this ever popular school topic. Topic because I don’t really know if it’s really a subject or a programme.

Both hubby and I had completely forgotten that his turn was today. Last night, just after I got home and looked over our son’s school board to see what he was doing today I dawned that we hadn’t sorted his “Show and Tell” presentation.

We went into overdrive looking at possible pictures to use, and how best we could put it together to best help our young man share his family with his classmates. First few ideas just didn’t work, but we eventually got it right.

When it was finally done, our son picked up the board and held it up with this huge smile. Clearly he had been anxiously awaiting his turn. That he was very comfortable with identifying everyone on the presentation and the roles they all have in his life was amazing and let me know that he had clearly paid attention in class when his classmates presenting their family had taken their turn.

According to the teacher “Show and Tell” helps the children gain confidence, improve their speech and become comfortable in public speaking .. YAY! I wish they had this when I was at school.

Do you hover over your kids or do you let them fall and pick themselves up?



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  1. Great blog. Lol at lawnmower parenting, I’ve heard about Helicopter but not lawnmower.

    1. Thanks for the comment Celeste 🙂 until the headmistress mentioned it I’d not heard of it either. Had to google it too just in case ..

      1. If it wasn’t on Google I would have said she made it up just to give us parents one more thing to fret over 😉

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