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Excited about school are we …?

At school
At school with his teacher

We’re into the second week of school and our young man finally seems to have settled into the new system. First two days were smooth sailing, he was running into class and waving .. more like shooing us away … goodbyes. 

Amidst all the joy of him having settled in quicker than we expected, he got himself a serious bout of flu and chest infection somehow. So, the last two days he has been home being nursed by DadD and our helper. Every morning though, it has been a board meeting discussion about why he isn’t going to school. How things change so quickly…

Just before school began hubby and I sat down and jotted what we thought would be tasty yet healthy snacks for our young man to take with to school. Our son had made it very clear to us that he wasn’t into any other fruit but banana, and on the odd occasion he may consider an apple. Everything else was just “yucky” as he describes it. It was a pleasant surprise when over the weekend we’re at the local grocer picking up at few items, we venture into the fruit and veg section of the store. Out of nowhere I hear his voice pipe out “grapes mathé…grapes”, I acknowledge that they are indeed grapes and take the gap …”If I buy them .. will you eat them?”  …very quickly I received a “Yes! Yes I will mathé” .

We have since included grapes as part of his school snack or afternoon snack and he has indeed eaten them with much enthusiasm. Hooray for small victories .. now for the tomatoes .. please can someone on his table bring cherry tomatoes so that he is also tempted to try them out … 🙂

Reading - Teddy Bear Pilot
Reading – Teddy Bear Pilot

From day 1 we have read to our young man, and he enjoys bedtime reading. He loves it so much we have a favourite book that MUST be read every night regardless of what else we have read.

Meow Pop-Up Book
Meow Pop-Up Book (sourced online)

Meow! A pop-up book about a stripey cat and friends. It’s actually an easy read, so much so that our young man has memorised the book.

Clearly paying close attention to when we are reading it out to him, because all our expressions are mimicked by him when he “reads” the book.

He recites it almost word for word, turning the page at the last word. Yes, I’m sure many 3 year olds do similar or more .. but allow me the pleasure of appreciating our son’s achievements will you 🙂

Our next big decision for our young man is what sports to select and when he should start. All the sports at the school is outsourced to third parties but they all happen on the school grounds. If I recall there’s Maths, Music, Dance, and a mix of gymnastics and other stretching exercises. The latter is what we … all three seem to be most keen on. Taking into account the settling into the new school and routine, the challenges it brought with, we’ve decided that he should stay off any additional extra-mural activities. Allow him to firmly settle into his routine before starting with it in the new term, by which time I am sure he should be grounded and having a ball. DadD being a rugby fanatic, has on the odd occasion gone out onto the grass with our young man and thrown or kicked a ball around. When this started as expected our boy was more than a little clumsy, not keeping his eyes on the ball caused him to miss catching or kicking the ball many at time.

This has all changed!

He is loving playing ball with us, catches the rugby ball like the “pro” that he is, so much confidence too. The same goes for when we’re kicking the soccer ball around. As dads we’re so amazed at the level of his ball sense, catching and throwing the ball back directly at you more often than not. Who knows .. a potential future Bok in the making … 🙂