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New School .. New Friends … New Teacher .. Oh dear!

We survived day 1
We survived day 1

All during the school break we shared with our little boy how he was about to start at a new school this year. He learnt his new teacher’s name and would inform all that were keen to know what her name was.

I admit that although he showed so much excitement and glee to be starting at the new school, I firmly believe that in his head he was going to the same school.

Last night we spoke extensively about him starting at the new school today, how exciting it would be. He would be meeting his new teacher, making new friends, learning new things and playing with so many new toys. Again, he was excited and could not wait to go to bed early so that he could start.

This morning the excitement continued…

We hit traffic, and just before we turned into the schools street I saw the mood change. He went from being all bubbly and sharing about his environment to total silence. I knew immediately that we were in for a repeat of early last year. See our young man does not appreciate the unknown .. as happens with many of us right.

As we entered the school grounds he refused to budge screaming that he wanted to go home, and standing his ground. We had to pick him up, crying and demanding that he be taken back home. He wasn’t interested in his new teacher, his classmates or staying at the school. In an instant all our chats and prepping him for the new school out the window!

Fortunately, the teacher had prepped the parents for this eventuality. We handed him over with, yes very sore hearts and hubby almost in tears too. I have a feeling that if I wasn’t there he may just have taken him home. Yes, I was broken inside, but I’ve read so many blog entries on how important it is not to fall apart in front of the child, so felt I was holding up …. hmmm

We hadn’t reached the car yet, as the classroom is quite a walk from the parking lot and the teacher had already sent us a picture of our young man. No tears! No fuss! Just well settled and playing with his new truck. Throughout the day we received regular updates from the teacher on how he and the other kids were doing. Truly appreciated.

Home time, he was on the reading mat calm and waiting to be collected. He wanted nothing to do with us! It didn’t last too long though 🙂 … a milkshake just to warm him up and we were back in his good books. Later on we received positive feedback from the teacher on his overall performance today, very happy with these updates. Let’s see now how the rest of the week .. then term goes. We have “show n tell”, bakerbee and recycling a few of the things to look forward to.

Stay strong young man, your dads love you.



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