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Dear Son….

My World
My World

How quickly life seems to be passing us by. It feels like it was just yesterday we brought you home. It feels like it was just yesterday that your dad and I would take turns getting up in the middle of the night to make sure that you were fine, or because you were crying out for some milk and love.

Wasn’t it just the other day I spent the weekend sitting outside your bedroom door weaning you off the midnight bottle, so that you could sleep through the night.

Before I knew it, we were walking .. ok carrying you .. to your first day at play school. You took a while to settle in .. like almost 6 months .. towards your last term at play school you were telling DadD that he should leave because you were fine.

You are growing up so fast son.

As I type this entry you’re fast asleep next to me, having given me strict orders that I shouldn’t move because you will cry if I do. I love it. I love these little comments you make, yet so young, they embrace so much adult logic.

Since play school broke end of last year, dadD and I have prepared you for your new adventure starting next week. It’s an adventure because for the first time you will be entering an environment you won’t be familiar with. There isn’t a soul at the new school that you can reconnect with and pickup from your park conversation. Everyday you tell me that you won’t cry when we drive past your new school and you mention your new teachers name. Deep inside me I so hope it will be the case, but I also know you well by now son. You’re saying it all for my benefit. It won’t take you long to settle into your new school, but I’m also well aware that there will be tears in the first week. Ok, maybe more from me .. but I do believe that the school will be great for your self-development …at least I hope so.

You performed when we got your new uniform, I can’t believe that at your age you already have to be subjected to wearing one. I’m not totally impressed by the colours .. hopefully one of these days the teachers can elaborate to me what the school board was thinking about when they chose these colours. Still, now that we’ve tried them on again, you were more willing to try them on and parade a little too.

Going through the list your teacher shared with dadD it seems we have all we need for now. Yes, I think you’re ready to face this new world. We began potty training you last year in preparation for this school .. a requirement. From Monday we resume your school sleep routine, I’m not having you getting to school tired. I’ve also started trying our new snacks on you to see how you take to them, just so I have an idea of what to pack into your lunchbox for tea break. Monday I will set aside time to label your clothing, schoolbag, bottle and lunchbox .. and somehow your shoes too, not sure why we got them as you will be running around barefoot mostly. I’m extremely keen to see how your teachers get that right, as you love your shoes!

I will be capturing that moment .. or at least will try 🙂

You’re growing up way to fast. Funny that part of me yearns to see the future you and the other hopes you stay my baby forever.

Love you so much!



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  1. Indeed, how quickly time has flown, hard to believe how much J has changed our lives, our perspectives and how we view our future. Looking forward to next week and all the growth and development that will come with it. Can’t wait to see our star of the future grow, grow, grow…

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