Who’s the lighthouse keeper …?

sourced : online
sourced : online

Reading my blogs I came across this term …Lighthouse Keeper .. are you like me and haven’t heard the term used before in reference to friends or family for example? No it’s not the person that looks after the lighthouse, it refers to the person within a group that basically brings the group together for social events… you know catch up lunches, dinners, drinks etc.

If you’re the Lighthouse Keeper, are you one by choice or somehow find yourself in the role?

I find that in some circles I am the lighthouse keeper, while in others I’m not…but I am .. does that make sense? In the circles that I am the keeper, it is mostly because I tend to run off with things making bookings, and sending out the invites. In my other circles, friends initiate an open-ended get together, but then don’t make any effort to make it happen, waiting rather .. yes for me .. to make it happen.

Reality is that we’re all leading pretty busy lives. We able to arrange and keep our children’s appointments, and other social events quite easily, but not others. Why is that?

source : online
source : online

I have seen the above quote appear on different social media pages often, and it has stuck, because I find it really true. If you’re really honest with yourself, you will find that it rings true. When we want something we will go out of our way to make it happen, rearrange schedules, cancel meetings, drive to the next city .. all in aid of doing something we want. The minute it is something we’re not really keen on .. we’re suddenly all so busy and nothing can be rearranged.

Like I mentioned, I am the Lighthouse Keeper in some circles .. and this year I’ve already started putting breaks. When the subject of .. oh we need to get together soon .. I’m right there with everyone else saying how great the idea is .. and that’s where it will stay! Just like the calls from mates that call you but you need to keep the conversation going .. else the calls will end with Adele ..”Hello”!

Friendships and social gatherings should be fun .. relaxed and enjoyed by all .. not some.



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