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hAPpY BirThdAY Son

J and I 2015
J and I 2015

Dear J,

I still pinch myself to make sure that I’m not dreaming. I’m eternally grateful that you chose us to be your parents, and honoured that God has allowed us to share and celebrate another year of life with you.

You’re growing up so fast. Just 12 months back you would perform every time we dropped you off at Playschool. Today, you’re the one telling us to leave, and we’re the ones with tears. You are growing into a confident young man, so sure of what it is you want, yet open to listen to what others have to say.

I love how you’re embracing the outdoor lifestyle. Embracing cycling ..ok let’s be more specific .. Mountain biking so much that I’m the one sitting on the edge of my seat worried shitless. It is like you sense my worry, because you smile back with confidence and assurance, letting me know that you’re fine. You enjoy running, be it in the pram where you’re the one telling me that I’m not going as fast as DadD or that I need to just plain move my ass and catch up. The picture above was one such occasion this year, when we actually ended up being the first pram across the finish line .. well done son! I have complete faith that in 2016, we will be seeing you evolving into your own athletic self.

This year you’ve blossomed into a wonderful young student. You’re reaching your milestones, and your teachers love you, they share comments such as “an ideal student” with us. Yes, I know they say that to all the parents .. but I can still pretend that it’s only you they are referring to :-p Your classmates look forward to you reaching school, as they all rush towards you to share a good morning hug. A young man of few words you are, but evoke such love from all those around you. I love that about you.

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At home there are times you drive me mad with your morning shrieks. I’ve now learnt it is your way of demanding my attention and that me freaking out about it just encourages you to continue. I have your number brother 🙂 I now just ignore it .. and you stop just as quickly :-p You’re such a joker, I love how you’ve learnt to tease me that you belong to DadD but have a smile on your face as you say it, and how you laugh and tease me some more when I say “No you’re mine” … you give me so much joy.

Even today, years later my hair is your comfort “blanket”. I have to make sure that I don’t cut my hair short, as much as it can get a bit much for me .. you playing with my hair is soothing especially when I’ve had a bad day at the office .. I miss it when you’re not playing with it. It’s “our thing” now my baby .. ok my big boy 🙂

You bring so much joy and love into our lives. You make everyday challenges feel less of a challenge. You drive me to want to achieve so much, just because you’re YOU!

Today you celebrate another birthday. I hope the day is all and more, although I know you’re just looking forward to all the fuss everyone will make over you today 🙂 May God continue to bless you with great health, love, joy and many more birthdays.

To you, our son’s birth-mom, THANK YOU for your courage and most unselfish act of allowing hubby and I to bring up our son.

Happy Birthday son! Parabéns bebé do papa!

Love you always! Te amo muito anjinho do meu coração!



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  1. How time has flown JJ..almost 3 years ago you blessed our lives and changed our world. You are growing into a fine young man, always smiling, always independent and always doing it your way. Thank you for blessing us and for making us a complete family. May the Lord, the Heaven’s, the Universe, Jehovah, Allah, Budha et al keep you safe and happy with a long, prosperous life. We will love you eternally! Happy Birthday son…X

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