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October is …was Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month - sourced online
Breast Cancer Awareness Month – sourced online

I honestly didn’t expect this news when it finally hit me. Just like the news I received earlier in the year or the one I was given a few weeks after the cancer news, I wasn’t ready for any of them.

None of the above happened to me, but it happened to members of my inner circle. Those I run to when I can’t hold it in anymore, those that have been with me through the low times in my life, wiped the tears off my face and told me the sun will shine tomorrow but always at my side.

This October one received news that at the time, I am sure felt like their world was crumbling down. It all began because of a lump… a freaking lump! WTF! Really! Why now? Have they not dealt with enough in this lifetime already? I seriously questioned God… I did! What was He up to? Why was my inner circle being challenged so much this year? These friends have been there for me over the years, as I’ve been there for them, but now it’s my turn to be there for them.

My friend isn’t out of the woods yet, the operation is in two weeks time. Although on the outside they have a composed exterior, keeping a strong composure for everyone around, I’ve seen the tears in those eyes when pondering over what may be ahead, or when they think I’m not listening.

I, until now always thought that breast cancer was a female ailment. Men get cancer too, but I wasn’t aware that breast cancer affected men too! Did you?

Prostate and Testicular cancer are more synonymous with the male species. You hear of men having other forms of cancers, but for me anyway, breast cancer in men is something that I’d never been exposed to until now.

According to CANSA breast cancer in men is extremely rare, but it still happens, more commonly diagnosed in women. If diagnosed at an early stage, there is a good chance for a cure. Men don’t tend to feel around their breast for lumps, so the diagnosis tends to happen when the disease is more advanced.

Some facts about Male breast cancer :

  • it is most common in men ages 40 -80
  • if you’ve been exposed to oestrogen or related drugs such as those used as part of sex-change procedure
  • family history of breast cancer

The same techniques used to diagnose breast cancer in women is used in men, physical exam, mammogram and biopsies.

PSA Screening - source
PSA Screening – source

So if you should find a lump around the breast area .. have it checked! It’s not worth putting it aside for a better day. What if that “better day” is too late to do anything about it?

November is round the corner .. or as it is more affectionately known these days .. Movember. This is the month where globally the focus moves from breasts(does that ever really happen 🙂 ) to Prostate and Testicular cancer, mostly due to the Men’s Health Awareness campaign run annually in November.

Testicular Self-Examination - source:
Testicular Self-Examination – source:

Men age 40+ or with a family history of Prostate cancer, need to go for annual screening tests as it can lead to early detection and enables more effective treatment and better chance of recovery.

Men age 15 – 40 need to check their testicles monthly, while in the shower or bath for example, feeling for any pea-sized lumps that could indicate Testicular cancer.

This November, why not grow that moustache you’ve always wanted to host instead of wearing a ribbon and raise awareness of prostate and testicular cancer or better yet, be a DAREdevil in 2016 and run the Hollard DAREdevil Run on the 19th February 2016. The run has brave men in Speedos runnings through the streets to raise awareness about cancers affecting men. Better still why don’t you head on over here and give a gift to CANSA so that they can be a gift to those affected by cancer.

Head on over to CANSA and read up more on this disease and the organization while you there.

This isn’t a sponsored post, but rather a tribute to my friend whose journey on this road has just begun.

This Tim McGraw video clip sums things up perfectly, we should be living our lives to the fullest daily (cancer or not)!


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