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Hylery… my blog turns 4!

My blog turns 4
My blog turns 4

WOW! I can’t believe that this week my blog hylery is 4, and today a public holiday in South Africa, is Heritage Day. It is a South African public holiday celebrated on 24 September. We’re all encouraged to celebrate our culture and our different beliefs and traditions.

When I started the blog back then, it was more for me to diarize our journey to us becoming parents, being my hubby Darren and I a mixed race gay couple. At the time I believed that we would be blessed with a baby girl, hence the name hylery, with the tag line .. our journey to you!

Back then my entries were not as regular as they are today, with me postings as and when something significant happened in our journey.

In 2013, our beautiful bundle arrived. Our bundle wasn’t a girl 🙂 but the most handsome baby boy, instantly turning us into a family. Something I’d desired forever!

I toyed with the idea of convincing my hubby in naming him Hylery, but somehow I knew this was one conversation I would not get to go my way.

2014 I began posting more regularly, this time the direction was about life with our son. His first day at school, school holidays, life at home with him and the wonderful joy he brings to our lives.

2015 not only did I blog about our journey with our young man, but started to include posts about life and the different aspects of it, that I believe in, and wanted to share more about my family and I.

My Family
My Family

It is also the year I changed the title of the blog to DadD…DaDE and our Instason – Our journey with you, for this is really now a true description of what the blog is about. It’s about my journey in life with both my son and husband, the joys and challenges life sends our way and how we live life through them.

2014/15 also saw me becoming a lot more active in my personal life in terms of fitness. I began running, training for my first Triathlon and first 94.7 Cycle Challenge, and so a second blog was born. This blog is relatively new, called The Journey .. started after I’d won an entry into this year’s 5i50 Triathlon series taking place in Germiston. Initially I wanted to share my journey from the point I won the entry, to the point I am hoping will happen, when I cross the Finisher’s Arch. Already it has evolved from it being just about me, but to also include information I feel relevant to readers about the Triathlon sport. I’m running a series called Feature Friday where I profile individuals or clubs that have impacted my life on this sports adventure so far.

Thank you for taking your valuable time and reading my blog. I look forward to continuing to share more with you.



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