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Toddler seems to always have a cold ..

Runny nose
Runny nose

Seriously now, when does the runny nose season stop with the toddler? During school break we’re fine, but two days into school and our toddler has the sniffles. We’re either saying “bless you” every other minute or rushing to wipe the snot off his face.

I really was hoping he would be learning and reaching other milestones while at playschool, none of which included a child with a constant runny nose! #justsaying

We’ve contemplated keeping him home from school until he is much older, but that wouldn’t work as we’d have a very bored child in our hands let’s not even discuss two frustrated dads!

Créche Guard
Créche Guard

He has Viral Guard, Créche Guard, ProBiotics and any other item that friends with kids have claimed works for them or our doc has OKed. To be honest, I don’t think these necessarily stop them from having constant runny noses but yes manage it somewhat.

From my chats with our doctor, friends and what I’ve read it is clear that this is part of their normal growth phase.

Why so many colds?

Vital Kids A-Z Multi
Vital Kids A-Z Multi

Their immune systems are still immature. This basically means that they are prone to falling ill. With over 200 variances to viruses that cause the cold, our toddler’s immune system tackles them one at a time. Our kids are extremely curious creatures at this stage of their lives, so then to be touching and licking everything .. I cringe at times from catching my son the end of what he has just finished licking or rolling on. This unfortunately is how the cold virus is then picked up … at school, it’s worse. Let’s get real here! During winter things just get worse as they tend to be all cooped up in those small classes.

On average a toddler at home only gets between 6-10 colds per year, while those that attend school the number of colds per child per year can reach 12 when compared to us adults that average between 2-4 per year it just seems so unfair on my son!

Is there anything you can do?

Sadly there’s not much we can do at this phase, other than making sure they rest and have plenty of liquids. What I’ve understood from my questions to my doctor and reading, is that their little bodies immune systems are still developing at this stage.

In our home hubby is the “medic” in the family, the one that will always make sure that we’re taking our vitamins daily or our meds when we’re ill. He currently has our young man on Créche Guard, Vital Kids A-Z Multi and our mom’s favourite Scott’s Emulsion – Orange flavour is my fav 🙂 .

Scott's Emulsion
Scott’s Emulsion

To be honest none of these have really stopped our  son from catching the cold from his playschool activities, but I admit they seem to be working towards keeping it manageable … somewhat. In order to not get our son’s body used to one brand, we alternate between the different solutions rotating on a weekly basis.

The school breaks force hubby and I to become super creative dads in terms of entertaining our son, it is also the best period in terms of runny noses. Our young man, isn’t sneezing or constantly having his nose wiped.



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