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Special Family Moments created..

Supporting local community police run
Supporting local community police run

Friday evening, my sister was in town for a Ladies Church Conference. So, we met for a quick meal at home, before I had to take her back to her hotel. Her visit was so short, but I’m hoping she and her family will visit us again soon. The regulation change in South Africa, requiring that everyone travelling with children require to travel with an unabridged birth certificate has complicated things a little.

Saturday after all the activity, we had lunch with a dear friend who now lives in Australia with her family. Ronel and Carter, her son, are in town due to unfortunate circumstances. It’s always so warm spending quality time with her and her extended family and friends.

Miss this friend and her family loads!
Miss this friend and her family loads!

These occasions are always full of laughter and love. I adore her and her family, and I know we miss them immensely, more so over Christmas as that used to be our special time.

Yesterday, morning hubby had a ride out in the south of Jozi, and our son and I got a chance to lay in a little longer. Just a little, as we had a run supporting the local police station at its annual 10 and 5 km runs. We find it loads of fun, although the route is challenging it’s also for a good cause. Raising funds for the station and support the community forum for the area. This year son and I actually finished first out of all the prams! Yeah baby! Super chuffed with ourselves. I’m guessing it may have to do with our young man constantly telling me to run faster, when I tended to slow down. At one point up one of those horrible hills, I was walking, he actually asked if I was tired is that why we slowed down 🙂

Banana Loaf - Sunday Treat
Banana Loaf – Sunday Treat

Hubby finished his 110km ride in a good 4 hours and felt great afterwards, only snitch, he forgot to wear his chip! Huge problem! As the time would probably have given him a good seeding for the upcoming 94.7 Cycle Challenge. He has a second chance in the coming weeks before that to get timed, less he forgets again to wear his chip.

I realised this weekend that our young man and I need to have more of these “just us” moments. He was loving driving around with me and being silly in the car. He spends more time with hubby seeing as he works from home, and our time in the evening is limited because of school the next day. Weekends are normally so rushed because we’re trying to fit in as much as we can. I think as a family we have plenty of quality time together, but it’s not balanced with quality one on one time between me and our young man.

The weather is warming up.. ok it hasn’t decided yet …. but it is! I think if I believe it enough, we will have warmer days. Anyway, the point that I’m trying to put across is that it is warming up and our young man needs a new wardrobe… again! Yep, I feel every season I need a budget specifically for his wardrobe. Nothing that fit him at the beginning of the year fits now for summer. All the shorts are tight! T-shirts seems fine for now, but the shorts are all .. well like I said, tight! He loves his bike and I realised this morning while trying to figure out what he was going to wear to school, that his shoes are getting worn off as well. Really! Yep, he uses them as breaks .. so what did I expect!

I don’t even go through wardrobes this fast!

So, need to make time to get him some new shorts and shoes, sandals before it warms up proper and he is the odd one in his class looking like an Eskimo in summer.

New week, new adventures waiting to happen.

Have a great one!


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