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The sports fanatic parent(s)….

Endurance Sport
Endurance Sport : Sourced online

Over the last 12 months I believe that I’ve morphed into a tad bit of an endurance wannabe athlete parent. A year ago, if you even hinted to me that this would be the case I’d ask you to stop speaking and leave me alone!

This has all “suddenly” changed! I’ve gone from only doing the weekend 5km runs on a Saturday morning at the local park to completing three Half Marathons, and now on the verge of competing in my first Olympic Distance Triathlon, a Team triathlon – also olympic distance – the weekend after that, and the following weekend riding my very first 94.7 Cycle Challenge! OMG! right? No, it doesn’t end there mate! I’ve now also entered the Comrades 2016!

Comrades 2016 - source:
Comrades 2016 – source:

Hubby has also decided that he will also being running the Comrades with me next year, it has been in his bucket list for over 20 years .. yeah.. who knew 🙂 I still have to  pinch myself though, as I can’t believe that hubby and I are embracing all these endurance sports, like we have.

When our young man joined us, hubby and I had to very quickly learn to adapt our lives around his routine. We’ve now added to this cycle our training requirements to successfully compete and complete in these events we’ve so confidently entered. We can’t forget to add work demands either. It is certainly a balance act we’re having to adapt and master.

If individuals like Caroline Wöstmann are able to successfully win two back-to-back ultra marathons in the same year just weeks apart, then surely it can be managed … right? Hubby has always been one for late nights and early mornings, while for me it’s all relatively new. I will be honest, I LURVE .. my sleep. So, it’s been a huge adaptation cycle for me having to wake up even before the sun is up. Heading to the gym, arriving even before they let anyone in for training so that I can put in at least an hours worth of decent training.

There have been days the last few months, I’ve hated myself. Not because I’ve done anything bad, but because there are days I have to train in the evening and first thing the next morning. When this happens, my young man sees me when I am leaving the day before for work, and again only the next morning when I return from my gym workout and leaving for work again! When I ask how he slept, his response is that he slept well with dadD .. his normal response is “I slept well with Mathé(that’s how he refers to me) and dadD” … a knife through my heart I tell you.

The reality though, is that I need to rise above these moments, else I won’t achieve any of these goals I’ve set. If he were to be awake when I’m getting ready to gym so early in the morning .. or if I come home first after work and then intend on going to gym .. hey .. we all know it won’t happen!

Although in order for hubby and I to manage to fit in the training we need in between “life”, we’re both also well aware that it does need us to be flexible. Life doesn’t stop because we have goals. Those goals need us to be able to balance life and them. If you can’t make to your normal scheduled training, don’t stress, try to fit it in at a later stage in the day. Life has a way of working out so that you’re able to put in the time you need. If it means swapping training with your partner .. then do it. You both need to be flexible. If it means having to take your little one to the gym with you, most gyms today have a kiddies section .. right .. don’t they all…, so that you can finally complete your training .. there’s always a way if you really want it to happen!

Just remember, as long as you’re moving forward, be it slow or fast .. you’re still moving forward. Keep that goal in focus, and make time to check that logbook you’re keeping of all the workouts you’re doing, so that you can see how far you’ve come and more importantly, how close to your first goal you are!

I admit there are days I don’t feel like training … I know hubs is the same .. when you feel like that don’t train! Even if you were to make a go at the gym chances are you won’t enjoy the experience. For us, we need to enjoy what we’re doing, else what’s the point. So, it’s OK to take a breather every so often .. just don’t make it into a long-term habit!

For now, hubby and I have managed to not race on the same day. We’ve had one or two races the first half of the year where we raced together and had to bring in our babysitter. To be honest we don’t really enjoy that. We prefer if our young man is part of the day. Our goal is that he is exposed to all the various activities we do and hopefully when of age, select one or more to take part and be passionate about.

So, with careful balance and supportive partner it is very possible to be active sports individuals and still have a healthy family life. It requires some work, some sacrificing but you can achieve it. Just remember that it’s all about YOU and YOUR loved ones .. no one else! I’m also well aware that what I’ve described above, isn’t the formula for everyone, we each need to find our grove and make it work for us….

Keep working out!



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