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Term 3 already?!

It's almost the end of a phase
It’s almost the end of a phase

Seriously, where has this year gone?! I’m sure it’s not only me that feels this year is flying by so fast. It feels like it was just the other day I posted about us starting to potty train our young man, remember this entry? The great news by the end of the second school term .. about a month ago .. he is showing us how comfortable he already is at attending to his “business” on his own.

Lately, we’ve had moments where he merely informs us of his intentions and the next thing he is off. If it happens to be a number 2, then he will come running to tell us that he is done and needs attending to. I’m finding it all so cute, in a very proud kinda way 🙂

This year has been our young man’s first full year at the school. Last year he joined at the tail end of the year so, much of what we’re all experiencing this year to date has been new to all of us. Our young man’s confidence has grown tremendously. The clingy crying we used to experience last year has ended, we’re now at “dadD you can go” and running off to play with his classmates.

It’s funny last year this is what I craved to see him happy going to school and settled, now that he is there, it feels like he is growing up so fast and at times I almost wish I could hold back time and keep him as my young man.

Next week, term 3 begins. It is also his last term at the current school. Next year he begins at a new school. One we’ve fortunately heard only wonderful things about, and do hope it continues that way. We haven’t yet brought the subject up, but I’m sure we will have to begin that process soon, just so he is ready for it. As far as we know, he is the only one of his current group of mates that is going there.

Later this year we will be going to a parents meeting to be “briefed” I’m guessing on what we should expect next year, and what they expect from us. School uniform, I can’t believe at 3 he will be adorning a uniform already! I believe that there will even be a kind of “open day” where the new students will get to spend a day at the school becoming familiar with the premises. I’m guessing it will also be for the teachers to assess their readiness as well.?

Playdate 2
Playdate 1
Playdate 1
Playdate 2

This second term break has been LONG! OMG! Hubby and I did not realise how much it takes to keep this young man entertained. I’ve since heard from some mates with teens, that this is still very much “child’s” play at this age. When they hit the teen years that’s when you’re in for it! As nothing is ever entertaining enough.

We can wait .. we’re in NO rush 🙂

These holidays our young man enjoyed time at the local bike park. I have no doubt that MTB is going to be one of his favourite pass times. He shows no fear when on his bike and facing the ramps and falling off his bike in the process. When accidents happen, he gets up let’s us know that he fell and literally gets back on and continues on riding.

He also enjoyed some play dates with mates from his class. These were amazing for them, as they both enjoyed the time in the park and that they got to play together. We had a birthday party to attend, it amazes me the difference in him that we saw in a period of a year at the very same party. So much more relaxed, and sure of himself. I love too, that he is confident enough to see no age barrier. If he wants to interact with you, he will do so. So, awesome to be young and carefree. This is something we hope he continues to embrace going forward into his adulthood.

Time for another weekend, get things ready for the new school term and begin weaning our young man from later than usual bedtime routine and sleeping in his own bed again. It’s summer after all .. I fear though that we may have the occasional midnight visit to crawl into our bed….



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  1. Couldn’t agree more that he is growing up way too fast…really blessed and grateful that I can spend time with him at home and work from here too…our Father is indeed listening and watching!

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