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Happy 3rd Anniversary …


Happy Anniversary anjo ...
Happy Anniversary anjo …

Three years today we celebrate our union.

It’s been three years with so many blessings, and …changes to our lives. One such blessing being our son.

Our marriage isn’t all roses .. as with any journey there are thorns thrown in for good measure too. I believe these thorny experiences are thrown in to test us and remind us of the vows we made each other on our special day, are we still as committed as we were on that day? It’s so easy to “call it quits” .. but it is so much more rewarding when we’ve worked through the thorns and find that we’re so much stronger for do it.

No journey in life is without its challenges… we’ve seen our way through them before .. and we will see ourselves through the ones we’re living today. Let’s focus on the blessings God gives us daily, you will find that he abundantly blesses us daily, small as they may seem, they are blessings that someone else may be craving or lacking in their live.

Thank you for listening, even when I think no one else is.

Thank you for caring, even when I believe no one should.

Thank you for loving me for whom I am, and not who you think I should be.

Thank you for always speaking love, even when I can see the hurt in your eyes.

Thank you for encouraging my new-found love for triathlons, and supporting me to go beyond my “boundaries”.

Thank you for rekindling your passion for the kitchen .. I’m loving all the healthy .. and not so healthy creations.

We have a long road ahead of us God willing, and so much more to still explore together and as a family.

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You’ve embarked on a new journey, follow that passion, follow that light at the end of the tunnel. Don’t be despondent, don’t lose hope. I will be there with you every step of the way. I may not be able to hold your hand always, as you need to find that wind that will allow you to soar the skies, fulfilling your dream.

You’re not perfect love, but you’re perfect for me!

Love you,


This song by Meghan Trainor feels so right for us now …