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This is Who I am…..This is Who WE are and This is WU!

20 years ago Western Union(WU) a global Money Transfer company, entered the African continent launching their first agent network in Ghana. In celebration of this marvelous milestone in 2015, WU launched this extremely catchy song that embraces their brand.

It is sung in four (4) languages – English, Arabia, Sisaala, Amazigh and French. Yes, even for me two of those languages I’ve never heard of before. To ease your curiosity Sisaala is a Gur language spoken in Ghana and Amazigh is a dialect indigenous to North Africa, spoken in countries such as Morocco and Algeria.

Listen to the song and you too will be dancing to this appealing beat in no time. Be warned, you will be humming to the warm chorus before the clip is over! The performers are Ahmed Soultan a Moroccan artist who has a number of accolades behind his name for his singing career and the recently discovered Ghanaian singer, the gorgeous Noella Wiyaala with a few African Music Awards nominations of her own.