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Father’s Day 2015…

Father's Day
Father’s Day

What an awesome day today has started off. Three of us watching the sun rise, all snuggled up in bed.

Covered by our warm duvet, enjoying the warmth it provides. For a change we’re not rushing off, but just appreciating this day.

Three years now, our young man has blessed us with this wonderful day .. Father’s Day. Him choosing us to be his dads has been the richest blessing God could have shared with us.

Everyday, we’re taught patiences. Patience to appreciate each moment and not take it for granted.

Everyday, we’re taught tolerance. For what we assume as norm for us, could be new for someone else.

Everyday, we’re taught to laugh and smile. So often we’re busy “rushing” that we forget to appreciate the small things in life, passing through each day without a smile on our dial .. or sharing a laugh with those around us.

I’m extremely grateful for this amazing opportunity to be a dad.

To my own dad, I’m blessed to still have you around.

…Thank you for all that you do .. for at times I don’t thank you for it.

Thank you for teaching me, even when I seemed to not be listening ….

… Thank you for believing in me and pushing me to achieve more than I thought I could

To my late grandfather …

Thank you for raising such a strong daughter .. I have the honour of calling my mother!

You showed me that no matter how old one is, it is not too late to learn something new…

To my dad-in-law …

Thank you for raising an amazing man, my hubby and a wonderful dad to our son

You showed him how to love, and fight for what he believes in…

To you the man who is our boy’s biological father,

….Thank you for the wonderful blessing .. we have the honour of calling our son.

Happy Father’s Day!