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Youth Day …

Youth Day - June 16 1976
Youth Day – June 16 1976 – source: online

It is June 16, 2015, a far cry from June 16, 1976 in South Africa. This is the most famous picture of this day in 1976. While family and friends are enjoying their day off “normal” life today, I am elsewhere making a living.

In between my meetings today, I decided to sit down in my hotel room and jot down a few words to while away the time. There are just so many emails one can respond to and calls one can make.

Hotel Room View
Hotel Room View

I’m here for a few more days, and hoping that the time is indeed productive and successful – read success as signed contracts.

Missing my two boys back home, the relaxed vibe this day would have brought with and the opportunity for me to have added more mileage to my legs as part of my Triathlon training. I will have to make up the loss over the weekend. I won’t make it up, but will have to train much harder to catch up.

Now, the main reason for this post is that I was sitting here catching up with everything when I came across a blog entry about accepting friends on one’s social media accounts.

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Above are some of the more popular ones in my circle of friends, but there are many more. I have different “rules” to accepting friend requests or followers for each one. On Facebook, I am extremely selective on whose request I accept. My rule for FB is that you need to be in my circle of people I interact with, you know my family and basically we’ve shared more in real life than in the cyber world. At least that is my general rule of thumb when it comes to Facebook. After all, I share so much personal stuff on this social media platform I need to be selective somewhat and not have to worry about what an individual will feel, or think about the post in relation to me.

Twitter on the other hand, I use as a platform to catch up on much about what is going on globally. I find it the ideal platform to read about what the world is saying. It may not always be true, but I find it useful that way. So, I’m not as strict with who follows me as I once was. When I first joined Twitter I had the security setting that permitted me to restrict access to who could see what I posted. I don’t post anything personal, I’ve eased on that and now let you follow if you so wish.

I am currently loving instagram. Love that I can share my enthusiasm for photography with the world. I’m not an avid photographer, but that I can share a moment with my “world” as I live life at an instance is fantastic! Here I post a mix of items, so am restrictive as to whom I want to share it with … to a degree.

What about you? What are you like on the different social media platforms? Do you accept friend requests from everyone to make up your friends or followers numbers or are you too, selective? I have seen accounts on FB or Twitter etc with 1000s of followers, even those of my mates. Do you know them all? Do you even care?

Quote - Nelson Mandela - online source
Quote – Nelson Mandela – online source

Happy Youth Day!