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67 Blankets for Nelson Mandela Day

67 Blankets
Blankets for Charity : Sourced Online

Last year there was much ado about this initiative, needless to say this year it ramped up even more with more celebrities parting as well and a goal to reach 21000 blankets by the 21st April 2015… yep they achieved it!

Read more about their World record here and more about the original challenge by Zelda La Grange to Carolyn Steyn in December 2013 to knit, sew or crochet 67 blankets by July 18th 2014, Nelson Mandela Day.

At the start of this year as part of our own company’s giving back to our communities we decided to participate as well. Kanitha and I discussed it with our office manager and we began our knitting classes with here.


For the month of April and early May she taught us all in the office how to knit from scratch. Our first attempts .. those of us that had no idea of where to start at least, where not straight .. or we started with 30 stitches but somehow stitches were added and before long there were 40. To be honest, I don’t think any of us fully understand that one yet … but as time progressed we improved and it wasn’t long we were producing proper squares and loving the whole experience.

Knitting lesson 101
Knitting lesson 101

One stitch at at time, we started finishing one square after the next. With each square finished the more enthusiastic we became… to the point where we were competing with each other to see who finished the most squares.

Quite by accident the experience became a “Team Building” affair. As colleagues we were encouraging each other to complete squares, helping our with “dropped stitches” … yes I learnt that term, how some of us were tight stitches and others not so much and what an amazing team we can be when we want to.

Stiched with love
Stiched with love

As the weeks progressed, so did the number of knitted squares increase. Male and female colleagues knitting away, we were all putting in the time and eager to complete the squares so we could see the end product.

Once all the wool we’d bought for the project had been completed, Mrs. B began by showing us all how to stitch it all together and turn those squares into blankets.

This morning was the “reveal” to management and staff in general.

Fruit of our labour - May 2015
Fruit of our labour – May 2015

From all the squares knitted by our team, Mrs B managed to build four beautiful blankets. We’re going to be proudly donating them to the 67 Blankets Team and making some less privileged individuals a little warmer this winter.

Thank you for the super team work guys and gals!

Quoted by Madiba
Quoted by Madiba





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