Play date for real?

  1. Play date, yep it turns out that these days kids don’t just go over to each other’s homes or meet at the local social club and play. I recall playing in the streets, jumping over the fence separating our yard from the neighbour’s.  Today though it just isn’t so, today our children meet up when us as parents arrange some playtime for them … The play date.
  2. This is what Wiki has as description for such an event … A Play date or playdate is an expression primarily used in the US for an arranged appointment for children to get together for a few hours to play. Wikipedia

    Today, our young man had his first such event. The parent of one of his school classmates reached out to dadD to arrange a play date with out boys, seeing as they are on school break. Didn’t think it was ever going to happen .. But it did!

    Right on time, 10am our son’s mate arrived with gran and his helper. I’d prepped to get them some juice, and snacks for the park and send the four to spend an hour or two there. Turns out that not only did the boys have a fantastic morning at the park, but our helpers too enjoyed the time with the kids getting to know each other. 

    When the mother arrived to fetch our son’s friend the two had had a fantastic time, learnt how to share and arrangements for the next play date already underway.  Our son had a wonderful time, this is clear, as did our helper. Needless to say, both set of parents are totally thrilled the morning went off well. Nap time was smooth and no pushback.

    I’m extremely thrilled all went well. 

    Now I need to get me some shuteye. Tomorrow bright and early … Ok maybe not so bright but freaking early we make our way to the first race of the weekend….