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Is he potty …?

Potty Trained
Potty Trained

 No no no one has last their marbles or anything like that.

It turns out, if you didn’t know it already, that before today’s modern-day learning institutions fully accept your child into their care .. you best make sure that your child is potty trained.

When we first heard this, I’ll be honest, my first thought was “are they bonkers!” ? How on earth can they expect a 3-year-old to be going to the loo on their own? I was picturing our young man at three having to be able to go to the loo on their own and be able to wipe clean their backside without any aid! What are they smoking! They clearly have more faith in our young man’s abilities compared to us.

Late last year we mentioned to our helper that she needed to begin introducing the concept to him, and gradually have him all ready and good to go by December 2015! As she always does, there is no request too hard or insane from us. She is able to achieve it. I dare say that she does most of the time…

I didn’t see much change late last year, or first half of term 1 of school 2015. Hubby approached the school and spoke to the teacher that our young had been introduced to the world of managing his own excess release. She was thrilled and happy to help for the duration he is at school. So, it started his potty training.

As expected he initially had a few accidents .. the one day he actually ran out of clothes to change into .. he had that many accidents! I’m happy to state that it never happened again and he is well into being potty trained. He now actually requests to go weewee when he needs to pee. Hubby and I were .. are super proud of his achievement and look forward to him being fully competent in time for “big” school.

The bomb then happened this week! Yep, young man went and pooed in his underwear while exploring the world .. we call our garden. I’m guessing he was one with nature and did what he felt was natural in such an environment. NO! I was at work, but hubby after cleaning our young man,then explained that he should let us know when he needed the loo not only for a weewee but for a poo too! Turns out this playing outside and being one with nature has amazing effects on one’s bowel movements. Our young man approaches hubby a little later, tugs at his shorts and tells hubby he needs to “go poo dadee”. Off they rush to the toilet. Hubby is doubting this prankster is actually going to take a dump or dumpette. It turns out he really did have a #2 waiting to be released from its body prison!

What a proud moment! You go young man!!! Make us super proud.

Now about a week ago we heard from one of the many schools we considered and applied for him to attend. Our son has been accepted into GR000 class of 2016! Yep we are stoked to hear this, then in very bold letters right at the end of his acceptance letter it states “Child MUST be potty trained” ! Oh boy! All doubt came rushing in and I was wondering if indeed he is ready for school. Next step hubby had to go to the school and get a booklet with the rules we as parents have to sign. Hubby and son went together. Towards the end of their conversation with the school receptionist, our young man turns to hubby and asks to go to the loo. Talk about impressive timing! He actually did need to go too!

I mentioned above that I still had doubts about son being ready… I asked hubby to then ask the school what they meant he had to be potty trained? As you’ve read above already, I’m thinking child needs to be able to go to the loo on his own and wipe that bum if need be on his own. Nope! I have it in writing now, he merely needs to be able to ask the teacher that he needs to go to the loo. He can’t be wearing diapers either!

We are super relieved!

Our son now asks to go to the loo for both number 1 & 2!   We just need to fine tune it and he is as good as ready to go … I hope he stops crying now when he is dropped off at school….

So is he potty .. yes! He is well into being potty trained and ready for school 2016!!!



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  1. Both of my boys potty trained quickly but then regressed. For my older son it was at night. He would sleep so soundly that he wouldn’t wake up to go. Good luck and congratulations!

    1. Thank you Stephanie, still work in progress with the odd accident here and there .. but we keeping the faith.

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