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Date Night …?

Date Night ..
Date Night ..

Yeah, so as a new parent how long after your child taking over your life did you and the spouse go on your first “date night” ?

Hubby and I have been parents going on three years now, and we haven’t been apart from our bundle of joy simultaneously, besides of course for work related reasons. However, one of us is always home to tuck our young man into bed.

A blog I read, mentions the author arranging a date night/day with their spouse. It got me thinking, how important are these evasive date nights to ones relationship..marriage? We see each other every night after work for a while before we part to either watch a programme on telly or sleep, if one of us hasn’t passed out with our young man we were meant to be bidding goodnight. Alternatively, as we rush to clean up and get ready for work along with getting son ready for school. Weekends we spend more quality time as a family, not as a couple. We’re up so freaking early and making our way to the next race, that we’re too exhausted to do much else by the time we get home. Where are we suppose to find time for a date with each other? Why is it even important?

So, I Googled it and came across these 4 Reasons one must make time for a date night in this Huffington post….

  1. Opportunity for romance – seems date night is a state of mind. An opportunity to reconnect with the person you chose to live your life with forever… It’s about appreciating why you actually make time for each other.  Please make sure you dress the part too .. it is a date after all. Remember how you fussed about what you should wear, when you started dating… that’s how you should be on your date nights ..
  2. It’s a break from “doing – see it as a break from the demands of everyday life. Don’t be discussing important “stuff” neither has done or have to do. Focus on each other. Listen … turn off those phones … ok maybe just put them on silent, you also don’t want to miss a call from the Nanny if there’s an emergency .. but certainly don’t be checking the phone every few minutes if you miss a Facebook status update!
  3. It’s about fun – have fun with each other. Forget about the washing that needs to be done, the meeting that you need to print documents for. Find something new and experience it together having fun while at it.
  4. It’s a show of commitment – you’ve been so focused on the kids and work that you may not be giving the spouse as much attention as you used to.. use this date night as an opportunity to make your spouse a priority. Seems research has proven if you have at least a weekly date night, you’re more likely to confirm being “very happy” at home!

The article ends with this about date nights :

“… it’s not about what you do, it’s the spirit you bring to it”

After reading the article I appreciate now why it seems many make a fuss about it. It has a role in our lives, an opportunity for us to “refresh”, “reignite”, “reunite” and “relive” why we’re together. I guess it’s a chance for us to not just say the words “I love you” but actually appreciate why we’re saying it to the person across the table from us, and not take them for granted.

As I end this post, I understand now the importance of “date night or day date .. if nights are not an option, just as long as it’s just about you and the spouse and no one else for an hour or two of calm .. or even the 50 Shades of Grey kinda calm if it’s your thing with the spouse!