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A beginning to look forward to …?

Christmas 2014
Christmas 2014

Just like that Christmas 2014 arrived and left our shores!

It was a very different one for us, in that for the first time in a very long while, it was just us the family for Christmas. No extended members visiting us for the holidays, nor us visiting extended family. That said, it was special. Yes, it was our first with our son. We chilled. We danced. We swam and enjoyed the love we have for each other. We reflected on our blessing too, for there were many in 2014.

With Christmas over, it means that yet another year 2014, is coming to an end….

It’s been a year of blessings indeed as it was a year of challenges too. Yes, many a change awaits us as a family. Changes we have no control over, but believe wholeheartedly that GOD will make a way. Faith, is all we have now. HE has brought these winds of change for a reason. For now we may not know the reason, but with time the lessons we’re to learn will reveal themselves.

Hitting the road with more confidence
Hitting the road with more confidence

So for a bit of reflection on 2014:

  1. I ran my first 5km, furthers I’d ever run before was a 400m back in school until May 2014
  2. I also ran my first 10km, now the furthers I’ve officially run in a race … August 2014
  3. I ran 2x 10km road races – Run – in Soweto
  4. I lost my maternal grandmother a year and few months after her husband passed on
  5. Our young man is finding his bubbly personality and started forming short sayings, they not quite sentences
  6. Our young man migrated to a standard 3/4 bed
  7. Hubby, son and I visited a new place in our continent … Zanzibar for a wedding and a break
  8. I love that I’m finally appreciating and am OK with hubby coaching me on the road – running and cycling
  9. 2014 was also the year we had to replace gadget screens a total of 3x because our young man doesn’t care much to first placing it on the sofa or table before running off to the next best attention grabber
  10. I’m also grateful for our family’s health.
  11. Cost of living also became even more expensive
  12. Power cuts returned with the vengeance of 2008
  13. I surprised hubby with a High Tea with mates for his birthday
  14. This year JJ had a class birthday party
  15. My fitness level has grown
  16. I’ve officially entered these amazing races in 2015 – Dischem21 (to be recorded as my first 21km run in Jan’15), TwoOceans21km run in Apr’15, and OpDieDam21km Mar’15
  17. Yet again I didn’t ride the 94.7 – I had entered this year
  18. Grateful that I still have my parents and parents-in-law
  19. Grateful for the roof on our heads
  20. Grateful to be ALIVE
Cycling again
Cycling again
Cycling 2014
Cycling 2014

Since May 2013 I’ve not gotten onto a bike or been on the road with it. Monday 30th December 2014, it all changed.

I met up with Minessa, Ilse and Kurt at the Rhino and Lion Park and we road about 25km out in the Cradle. I think because of all the running, my fitness levels have improved. Riding the roads of the Cradle certainly brought back interesting memories of my previous rides out this route.

So, with the bike finally done. I’ve now broken through the open waters swim wall. I’m more confident on the bike and my road running is improving. I’m still to conquer ocean water swimming, but hey you have to agree that I’ve come along way since May 2014!?

I’m fortunate to have a partner that supports and pushes me to do better in these disciplines. Right now he is pushing me to get more road running mileage so that I’m ready for the 21kms I’ve entered. We’ve agreed that 2015 will hopefully see us do the 94.7 together .. finally 🙂 and as a personal achievement besides completing the 21km road runs, I’m hoping to compete and complete a few Triathlons.

I believe I’ve found a club and group making the Smart-Tri team. Looking forward to seeing results with them!

However you’re celebrating and welcoming the new year, please let it be safe, surrounded by genuine people who appreciate you. May 2015 be amazing for you, streaming with great health, abundance of love, constant flowing of funds to keep the roof over your head, and the car that you drive safe, and may it be a year of dreams being fulfilled, new friends made, new destinations discovered. May you achieve your fitness goals, and may you do something new.

To those that lost family in the recent air disaster in Indonesia, may their souls rest in peace and may GOD continue to give you strength.

All the best for 2015!!