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It’s the day before Christmas …

Christmas Eve
Christmas Eve

For those on the Christian calendar today is Christmas Eve.

The day before Christ’s birth.

For many today there will be running around malls, shopping centres, or on the road making your way to family gatherings to celebrate Christmas.

Please travel safe. Try not to drink and drive, it’s seriously not worth it. You’re not only endangering your own life but many of those sharing the road with you. Most of all it is selfish! If you have spare food or drink, instead of letting it rot in the bin why not share it with those less fortunate close to you?

However you decide to spend Christmas, make you sure you’re making all those around you feel warm and special. Try and put smiles on your family’s faces. Put those differences away. Focus rather on the day.


It’s become a day of bringing joy through the sharing of gifts, food and festivities. So, enjoy it to the max.

Share love, as if it were the last thing on earth.

Reflect on your blessings, focusing on the challenges will only depress you and not change the situation.

Stay blessed, and warm your heart with loads of love … after all tomorrow is Christmas!


Beijinhos, Abraços e amor,