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Jozi is calm …

Work Crew
Work Crew

It is certainly mid December!

The roads are loads quieter, but not quite as before. Still a breeze getting to work from home. It’s going to be this way for a little while .. ok just another 10 odd days and then Jozi is back to its noisy self. Most will be fresh from their break, while others will be dreading the new year and what is ahead, and then there will be those that embrace life and all it will throw at them and make lemonade out of the lemons and limes it shares. At the end, life is what we make of it. No one said it would be easy, no one warned us about the challenges and wins adulthood brings with it. Alas, like everything else, it is what it is .. and only you can make it count… for you!

So last week Friday, very impromptu a group of us from the office decided we were going to have a Christmas lunch, seeing as the company doesn’t offer us any. It’s been the norm the last 4 years or so. Not to be phased by it and as some of my colleagues would be ending their “Financial” year as I like to call it, last week Friday we had one any way. The picture you see to your left is my “crazy” work crew. All special characters, and I don’t mean it in a bad way, but because of them my work world is what it is. Each one bringing to my world something that resonates with who I am. Some of them I’ve worked with since day 1 at the company, while others joined along the years and others still just the other day.

The odd dude bottom in the picture above – aka Henri, well he is the “craziest” of the lot. A recent acquisition to the office life. Every morning he is in and not travelling he will stop en route to his coffee for a quick chat. In the short time, he has reflected the kind of father I admire. He isn’t just a dad or the sperm donor, he is a father to his kids. He is their friend, their gang leader, confidante and father that commands their respect out of their love for him.

Then we the two crazy pictures above his. That’s a mixed masala bag right there.

Kanitha is my oldest colleague. Not old as in age but as in time at the company! I found her here and over the years we’ve grown to appreciate each other. She is a strong woman, stronger than even she realises at times. Life hasn’t always been kind to her, but she took those lemons and limes and conjured up some amazing lemonade and lemon meringues. Why, well because that’s just the kind of person she is. Someone with a HUGE heart, sees the best in people and sets an amazing example to her children.

Goldman is Mr. Sneakers. He loves his sneakers and takes immense pride in purchasing the right pair for the right reason. I’m yet to meet someone else that has so much pride. He is passionate about what he does and his basketball, after the sneakers. He can be extremely private, and I love that he feels confident enough to share some very personal ideas with me from time to time.

Nicci and Renee are relatively new to the team. Both names mentioned by the way, are not their official birth names but rather their preferred ones. We aim to please I say! Nicci is our fashionista. Anything fashion related she is onto it. If you ask her to source a fashion item, she will let you know it’s a done deal! She knows someone who will do it for you. Love that attitude, young entrepreneur in the making right there!

Then we have Renee, she’s the keen sweet tooth person to contact in the office. Makes amazing Milk tarts! These are made with so much love and dedication, that when you eat a slice you can’t but enjoy the love and passion she left behind when pressing the tart base and stirred the milky content. She’s also very organised. Don’t tease her about having missed a deadline .. you will fluster her … order is her way!

So, next year 2015, there are plans for us all to become more active. Yep plans to attend Parkruns, Bowls, Cycling etc are planned. We live in hope….

Smart -Tri Crew
Smart -Tri Crew

The rest of the weekend was pretty active. Saturday I did the local Parkrun in the morning and some open water swimming in the afternoon with the Smart-Tri crew. I’m really enjoying the camaraderie at our meetings. Amazes me every time how everyone supports everyone. You’re not intimidated to do anything you don’t want to either. Looking forward to great Tri results from this team next year!

I know Minessa and Ilse are already geared to do the 1st tri of the season early January 2015. They are both putting so much time and effort into their training, it is only bound to reap amazing times and results for them.

What I really enjoy of this group is how there are no airs or attitudes. Everyone is equal, granted some more seasonal that us novices, but no ones made to feel inferior. Everyone is extremely supportive and only keen to see another Tri-Athlete emerge.


This is Minessa, another strong woman with so much love and passion to share with all her mates. I’ve only known her for a short while but the person I’m getting to know is someone extremely special. If it wasn’t for her I would not be part of the Smart-Tri group, well technically I’m still not .. but she introduced me to the crew and wow!

Then hubby had me waking up bright and early on Sunday morning to brave the streets of Gauteng. Yep! I according to him I need to put more mileage on my legs if I want to run the 21kms next year and not cry about it afterwards!

Depending on which of my two recording gadgets we choose to believe, I either ran 13.9kms or 10kms yesterday morning. Route wasn’t extremely tough, but a good balance of both hills and flats. Traffic was fair, which was great for me!

I met a few fellow runners on the road too, and took note that those seasonal runners all greet as they run pass you. I quite like that, made me feel like I belonged on the road with them too. We then have the non-seasonal runners. I’m hoping that these individuals will be on the road through the year and not just now as part of a fad. These individuals sadly run past you as if you don’t exist. Sad really.

Home later as reward this was waiting for me ========>>> Check the picture … ok the pic below. Wine was amazingly refreshing. We polished the bottle pretty quick!

Rose Sparkling Wine
Rose Sparkling Wine

Now it’s a few more days at the office before we take a break.

Some will head on off into the sunsets in the fair Cape. While most will stay behind and enjoy the quiet of the streets in Jozi.

Whichever option you decide on, please be SAFE!

This is after all the season to be silly … but within reason.