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Mother …

JJ sings for grandma

Mother is visiting us.

For the last few days mother and our young man have been re-bonding. It’s been a challenging and interesting couple of days. Clearly in the mornings he wants his dads only .. and warms up to mother through the day. Come evening they are mates.

As a family there have been loads of changes, not all that great, but we have to stick together and weather this season through. Sadly, all around me friends, strangers, colleagues are all experiencing some sort of challenge at this time. There just seems so much death, health issues and retrenchments at the moment though. Could it be because we’re at the age where it is what happens more regularly?

I think it is so important to be grateful for what we have, throughout the year, not only at this time. Although … it is a great time to once more reflect on your blessings little or large, for many are without. Be grateful for your health, and the soft bed that you lay on everyday.

We’re not planning on a holiday over this festive season. Our city becomes a quiet city from next week Friday. Many of our citizens either get into their cars and travel to their favourite coastline, while other travel “home” .. being their parental home. Where family get together to celebrate this very special time. It is after all a time to be jolly and spent with loved ones.

This post doesn’t really have direction, but random thoughts in my head now….

I had my head braided again.

Braids 1 2012 Dec

Braids 2
Braids 2 June 2014

It’s also close to my Christmas shopping time. Every year I plan to do it way in advance, but I just never get to it.

Braids again
Braids 3 Nov 2014

To be honest I don’t even know where to start where hubby is concerned this year. He has everything, as he buys as he goes along his day.

Our young man isn’t fussy yet and isn’t really that into toys either. Give him his bike, our phone or iPad and he is good to go.

I think it’s just going to be the 3 of us this year for Christmas. No plans to change that.

Maybe a wee bit of a break early next year, just to get us started in the right footing in the new year.

This year ends on a rather dull note, so am believing with all my being that 2015 will provide many more happy moments in comparison.

As I’m constantly reminded, I can’t worry about stuff I can’t control … C’est la vie!