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Where have I been …?

Two Oceans Marathon 2015 - Source: TwoOceansMarathon site
Two Oceans Marathon 2015 – Source: TwoOceansMarathon site

Since our son’s birthday activity last week, we’ve been hectic with sports.

Yep there are a few activities taking place this November into next year that we needed to get sorted or ready for. This week’s focus for me was entering the Two Ocean’s Marathon 21km race 2015. Yes indeed, besides the Dischem21 that takes place next year this race is the one I actually want to run. Having heard from mates that entries go really fast, I was in front of my PC way before the scheduled 10am start so that I didn’t miss my chance to enter this amazing race!

It was so worth the excitement, I managed to secure an entry for next year! So, yes I’m doing my second 21km come April 2015 and God willing.

TwoOceans Entry Dates
TwoOceans Entry Dates – Source: TwoOceansMarathon site

If you also keen, the 21km race I’ve been told is the most popular of the races, so entries don’t last. Monitoring social media the last few days, it seems that this year the entries allocated to club entrants were all taken within 12 hours, 2013 I believe they went within 48 hours. There are still plenty of entries available for the Ultra Marathon still, and next week Wednesday a second batch of 21km entries will be released. So don’t rest if you’re planning to run the race in 2015!

21km Race Route Profile - Source: TwoOceansMarathon site
21km Race Route Profile – Source: TwoOceansMarathon site
Young man's 1st School Concert
Young man’s 1st School Concert


Yesterday was our young man’s school musical. The whole term he has attended a music class to help them improve their motor skills. Feedback from the teachers is that he is loving it and most of the time is the one that pays attention throughout the class. This was very apparent during the musical we attended. See from the picture how much attention he shares during class. He clearly enjoys it!

There’s a bout of Chickenpox at the school at the moment, so when our son woke up Thursday morning with a fever and runny nose, we thought the worst. Yep, he has had the Chickenpox vaccine … but it’s really not guaranteed … or is it? Following consultation with our doc he calmed our concerns and assured us that our young man is fine. All he has is a bout of ENT infection and would be sorted soon enough. YAY!

Almost forgot, earlier in the week the little girl sitting to his left in the picture decided she wanted a bite of our son. For no reason at all, go figure! We sorted it all out with the mother, so we hope it won’t happen again or that our son decides to pickup from where she left off.

New Personal Best 15th Nov '14
New Personal Best 15th Nov ’14

On an awesome note to end this entry, today I ran a 5km at the local ParkRun and guess what? I improved my best time and broke the elusive 30 minutes that just kept running away from me! I’m feeling really chuffed about it and has helped build my confidence in actually completing my two 21km runs in 2015!

Next week it’s the Unite4Mandela multisport and concert event. It is promising to be an amazing day. Peeps entering can either run, walk or cycle, whatever pleases your heart. Once all the races are complete, there’s a concert taking place right at the same place.

Sounds like it’s going to be an amazing day full of fun. I do hope that the weather plays along and doesn’t rain.

Tomorrow hubby does his 3rd Cycle Challenge, I was going to do my first. Having entered way back in March when the entries opened. Sadly, that was the extent of my cycling. I’ve not done anymore practice road rides through the year. For that reason hubby recommended that I stay out this year and attempt it next year. Taking his experienced word on it and will be staying home with our young man…. a better option I think!

Stay safe!