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HapPY bIRtHDay son

JJ and I 2014
JJ and I 2014

My dearest J,

How time has progressed so quickly … feels like it was just yesterday we were awaiting your arrival.

I know it was exactly a year ago I was chatting to aunty Kanitha and we were wondering if you would start walking before your birthday. No, you wouldn’t have any of it nor succumb to any pressure from your dads to achieve this milestone before then either.

That’s you son .. you do everything in your own time … I love your individualistic streak!

In the year since we celebrated last, so much has changed. You’ve travelled across our country’s borders, not once but a few times. You’ve not only started walking … you’re running and doing your version of “MTB” too! I wonder now if this is a sign of things to come …

You started school in the last quarter of the year and although you fuss and “cry” when we drop you off daily, your teachers tell me that you’re a happy camper even before I’ve driven off. I see it when I fetch you from school, how you’re always smiling and how popular you are with your classmates. All I hear is your name being called out by them and their parents, fills my heart up with pride I tell you.

You’re growing into such a playful young man, always smiling and laughing. When you’re not happy, you’re very clear with that too. One thing is for sure, your dads always know where we stand with you. You playing with my hair to comfort you when it’s bed time or you’re not feeling well or when you’re not comfortable with the environment .. I miss it when we’re apart because of my work schedule.

Thank  you for filling up our lives with so much love and laughter. Giving meaning and direction to your dads otherwise standard .. routine of a lifestyle we had. When GOD picked you for us, he certainly knew why.

Today is your birthday, thank  you J’s birth-mom for your courage and most unselfish act and allowing hubby and I to rear this gorgeous little boy we call son with so much pride.

Hope it turns out to be a very special day for you son, and I pray GOD allows us to spend and celebrate many more with you.

Happy Birthday son! Parabéns bebé do papa!

Love you always! Te amo muito anjinho do meu coração !