Nike Soweto 10km – Yep We DID IT!

Photo via NikeSowetoMarathon/Nike ZA
Photo via NikeSowetoMarathon/Nike ZA

Sunday morning bright .. or rather still a dusky morning, hubby and I got into the car and made our way to NASREC. We were under no illusion about the state of entry into the premises. Just off the highway we were met but loads and loads of cars of other runners participating in the Nike Soweto Marathon 2014! At this stage we still had just over 30 minutes before the start of our 10km race, but the 42km marathon runners should have been in the chute and getting their watches ready to start at the sound of the gun. Looking around though, there were a few peeps in this race making their way to the start … which was at least 5-10 minutes away!

Meself and Hubby
Meself and Hubby

Making our way to the starting chute hubby and I met up with my hair genius Paul Fox and his group. They were all ready as well for their 10km run through the streets of Soweto. I was praying very hard that this experience would be miles better in comparison to the SandtontoSoweto run, alas my first 10km in this region only 4 months back.

While we waited for the start gun to go off, we made our way towards the start line, and NIKE ZA arranged for someone from their London office to demo some warm-up exercises for the crowd to follow. Amazing background music going and her simple but effective moves the crowd was loving every minute of it.

Crowd before us moving towards the start line
Crowd before us moving towards the start line

At this point the announcer, who happened to be our mate Max Cluer a mate of ours, informs the crowds that the race would be starting 15 minutes late.

Seeing that many 21km runners were still taking off as we arrived just outside the chute, I was not at all surprised by the short delay. In comparison to my August run, at least here they informed the public and provided some form of entertainment to while away the time.

Before we knew it, our race had started and we were making our way towards the first kilometer. The first 2ks are normally my warm-up section. Legs feel sluggish at this point and I am mind chatting to myself, wondering why I’m doing this. I could be home under the duvet and warm!

Today though I was with hubby, and he just kept uttering something like “we doing well .. keep going .. we have a good pace …”  At this point all I wanted was for him to keep quiet! Could he not leave me to be in my headspace and mutter to myself as I normally do during my other 10ks? Why is he talking again? Eish! This went on and on through the run. I admit now though that I appreciated his encouraging words. His post race analysis revealed much about my run method and areas that I need to improve if I want to have a better race time. So, yeah there is a method to his madness I guess 🙂

We finally finished the race! Yep, time wise it was my “normal” just over 60 minutes.

We made it and have a medal to prove it!
We made it and have a medal to prove it!

Out of the 7052 runners that completed the 10ks on Sunday with us hubby and I came in at 1053 & 1055 respectively.

I’m impressed and happy with that result!

We have a few more 10ks planned for this year before I run my very first 21k early next year. It’s a popular race as well but my main goal will be the Two Oceans 21km, I’m told it’s even more popular and entries for this year sold out within 14 minutes in 2013!

I have the date diarised for when they open this year and hope to be one of the fortunate few that is able to successfully gain an entry.

Yes, I’m super excited to run these two races!

Thanks again to my awesome hubby for the support and motivation to run through all 10ks on Sunday and helping me get ready for my first 21k in 2015!

Love you much my man!