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Nike Soweto Marathon 2014
Nike Soweto Marathon 2014

WOW! It’s almost time to run through the streets of Soweto once more.

Earlier this year this race almost didn’t happen. Nike ZA came to the rescue and here we all are braving the heat and queueing to get our race numbers and goodie bags.

Via Twitter I’ve managed to see a few pictures of the situation “on the ground” … it ain’t pretty! I only hope now that the race organizers do a better job compared to the #SandtontoSoweto race held a few months back.

All waiting to collect race packs
All waiting to collect race packs

A friend has just mentioned she is off to collect her number. Looking forward to her update on the status quo. It is only day 1/3 … I’m hoping that when hubby goes off tomorrow morning … yes bright and early the situation will have improved drastically! Else I’ll never hear the end of it! #justsaying

All that said, I have to admit that I’m really excited about this race on Sunday, and looking forward to running the route with more confidence than I did the first time round a few months back.

Furthermore, I’m aware of a few mates too running the race’s various distances too. One of them is a colleague here in the office. He is so excited to be running his first “big” race in Jozi, he got everyone else in the office excited as well.

Hubby may be running the route with our young man too .. if for anything to test the new running wheels he got this week so that we’re all running .. #runningfamily. Gear is all sorted #Nike of course! The #Nike+ App is all sorted too on the new phone! Now we just need to make sure we get to the start on time post finding parking amidst potentially 21000 cars!



Pictures source: Twitter #werunsoweto