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A weekend of celebrations and family quality time



This past weekend we traveled to Swaziland for a bit of some chill time and spend some quality time with the family. The main reason though was to celebrate our dad’s 70th birthday with him. He had no idea it was happening!

We got to the border with Swaziland and I commented to hubby how clean it now looked on the Swazi side, and how impressed I was with the new ablution facilities. That they catered for the parent with child by having changing facilities as forward thinking on their part. Well that little bubble I’d created for myself was quickly blown. J wasn’t feeling well and before I knew it, I was covered in vomit! I wasn’t worried .. there were changing facilities now. How mistaken I was! As I open the door I’m met by a woman customs officer busy applying her makeup. Very quickly she tells me that those were staff facilities and not actually for changing nappies! We swapped a few words before she eventually left and I managed to clean J and myself up.

It was a weekend that our young man got to spend quality time with his cousins, getting to form a bond with them and his aunts, uncles and grandparents too. It was a packed weekend. Come Sunday it felt like we needed another couple of days to relax from all the activity.

During the weekend we also got to celebrate my BIL Ralph’s birthday as well. He is getting closer to them 40th mark. My sister planned a surprise breakfast for him and the family which went down really well. Simple is always great!

Before we knew it, we were saying our goodbyes and heading back to our home.


The place we stayed at Malandela’s B&B was a dream! One of the few places we’ve stayed at in the recent history that was really amazing! No usual hotel fuss .. very relaxed and the room was amazingly spacious!

Our young man loved the space to run around with his bike and not have to wear shoes either. The gardens were amazingly well manicured. It was lush green as far as you could see. How I miss this country. Life feels so simple and easy. Children can still be children, run around fairly safe in the gardens and not within the confines of an apartment.


As much as it has all this … and yes I do miss it at times .. it has its place as does my current location in my life. Hubby’s words ring true .. when we’re young we yearn to leave the mundane country lifestyle for one with lots of light and “life”. Both have its place in life and give to whom we eventually become as mature adults. Current home provides the “life” and “money”, while country living provides a more nurturing quality upbringing for children.


We’re back home now, J is back to not enjoying the drop off period again. Amazing that a short break from school took us a few steps backwards. He has half a term left for this year before he is on his long break. I think our nanny is going to love having him home. I sense at times she misses having him around the house.

I have to sort out a theme for young man’s birthday coming up as well. Along with what it will require to pull it off. We’re thinking this year he is going to have it at school. Like they say, the first birthday is actually for the parents. This year he hasn’t really made serious friends, so having it at school seems to make logical sense for now.

My colleague Kanitha suggested having a post school tea for his playground mates as well. I’ve taken this under advisement, but really does seem like a great idea. Have to think more and see if what we decide to finally go with will make sense. I think I need to visit the China Mall in the coming week.

Here are a few more pic from the weekend of fun in the sun!

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