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So how was your weekend?

Komatsu 10KM
Komatsu 10KM

5th October

Our weekend started off really chilled. Young man isn’t feeling 100s, so that should give you an idea of why it was mostly chilled. Just when I thought he was over the bout of runny nose, he caught it again and this time with a cough too. Needless to say, he loves sharing it with his dads too .. so we’ve all got some level of the runny nose at home.

How long exactly before his immune system is sorted?

Friday night we thought we’d try the local Thai restaurant at the local shopping centre. Unlike all other restaurants with a take-away section, the price for sit down meals vs. taking away do differ. No, nope not at this place. Whether you’re sitting down or not you pay the same. Ridiculous! Ain’t a chance in any place I’m going to be paying sit down prices for a take-away. We left and ended up having Japanese. It was ok, nothing to brag home about. I think if we do takeout from that centre it will be Indian .. no complaints from them yet, except to compliment their service and exceptional food .. The Raj!

Since starting this new sport I seem to be enjoying of late, running they call it, I haven’t had a chance for any grooming. Yep the last month or so, I’ve been either running the 5km ParkRun or entering a 10 km race somewhere. Needless, I’ve not had a chance to sort meself out. I told hubby and son, they on their own for the morning and I was off. Turns out my hair artist is a runner and has done about 9 odd Comrades already! OMG! He also mentioned that their area .. rather the running club in their area would be hosting a race in the near future through the leafy suburbs … yep I’ve looked it up and we WILL be running it!

Proof of my efforts
Proof of my efforts

Today, even though I’d gotten my race number yesterday for the race, I thought I may not do it and take a break. Remember I didn’t do the ParkRun yesterday. The Nike Soweto Marathon and 10km isn’t far off so I need to put mileage on these awesome legs that carry me around. Hubby insisted that I run the race today. He is my “coach” too, so I have to listen to him from time to time. Today being one of those times…. 🙂

The race itself went well, as the course was reasonably flat. My time was as it now has become .. my average for 10 km runs .. about 60 mins.

12th October

This past weekend I did yet another 10 km run on Saturday. Yep .. it seems I’m getting into the swing of things at this distance. Why? Well for the first time I ran ALL 10 km of the route for one. Two, this route was made up of many .. and I mean MANY … uphills and not once did I walk any of them! Yes, you could say that I’m pretty much chuffed with myself now.

Chamberlain's Classic Medal and Number
Chamberlain’s Classic Medal and Number
Me super chuffed with achievement
Me super chuffed with achievement

The Chamberlain’s Classic Half Marathon and 10 km race was very well organised, with watering points extremely well-managed at roughly every 3 km and amazing route. At the start the collection of numbers was the most efficient of the races I’ve entered to date .. close second was the Irene Clover race I did a few weeks back. Instead of a gun shot to set the runners off, this race had bag pipers to set off the race, and we came across them at the 7 km point as well. Which was just brilliant! The race organizers had also encouraged runners to wear a kilt too and would get a R 200.00 voucher off their next purchase at Chamberlains. Yes, there were a few men running around in kilts! No, I wasn’t one of them!

As we were done by 7 am, race started at 6 am .. funny though while running I’m so lost in my thoughts that if feels so much later when I complete the run. I say this because we left the venue pretty much as soon as I’d crossed the finish line. We just entered the highway when hubby says to me “why don’t you go do a ParkRun … we still have time” … yep off we drove to the nearest ParkRun venue from where we were on the highway. ParkRun

We arrived just as the run started. I basically scurried out the car … hearing the young man complain about us stopping yet again in the background as I shut the car door and rushed off to catch up with the other runners. So super impressed that I managed to catch many of the runners and still finished the race in my average for 5 km .. to top it all finished in the top half of the group that finished!

I’ve come to realize after this weekend that 1. I love the 6 am start races 2. I prefer the organization of the Pretoria races 3. That I can achieve a lot more if I want to.

Hubby's MT Bike
Hubby’s MT Bike


The next day was hubby’s turn to get active. He entered the inaugural JUMA race. For the first time a MTB race was created in Johannesburg that took the best of both worlds .. the rough trails and the urban bliss. They had an amazing turn out .. I understand over 5000 cyclist entered the race. The route although I think looked awesome on paper, had a few teething challenges, we hope the organizing committee will address if they host the race again next year.

Hubby had entered the longer distance and my manager I learnt entered the shorter distance, the feedback from both was pretty similar. Too many bottlenecks right from the start, slippery sections, dark sections, not enough water points, the emergency numbers didn’t get answered, and way too many injured riders. All that said, there were many riders that enjoyed the experience provided by the race.

Dis-Chem Half Marathon 2015
Dis-Chem Half Marathon 2015

Monday the 13th October entries for the Dis-Chem 1/2 Marathon 2015 opened…. not on schedule .. that is in the morning but took them all the way into the evening, 22h00 roughly to fix the challenge they were experiencing with the online entries.

This is going to be my first attempt at the 21 km mileage. I’m using it as a training race for the Two Oceans Half Marathon 2015. The latter is the race I will consider as my first 21 km race. It’s an awesome route I am told, with amazing scenery as far as your eyes let you see. I hope I am quick enough to get an entry on time!

Hubby has already put a plan to get us both ready for the two races. These are major races in the South African runners world, with huge turnouts.

For now though .. main focus is the Soweto Marathon PB by Nike .. 10 km!