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Mixed bag weekend

Minessa and I at my 1st Triathlon attempt
Minessa and I at my 1st Triathlon attempt

What a weekend this past one was!

Friday was uneventful, evening part anyway. During the day I’d popped into Tribe on Main and purchased myself a race belt. Until then, I had no idea what it was. Needless to say I was disappointed when I saw what it was. Nothing really exciting, just a standard belt, similar to the one Garmin uses for my heart rate monitor. Only this time it has strings hanging off it used to hold one’s race number during the bike and run sections of a Triathlon.

Saturday was mostly about getting ready for my first Triathlon, the rest was groceries as one does at month ends. Managed to get our little man a set of new running shoes too, because he uses them as brakes for his bike, they don’t last too long at the moment. The nerves also kicked in late Saturday afternoon. Yep and toilet and I were friends all the way into the morning just before we left for the race.

We got to the race reasonably easy. However, the venue for the event looked rather dodge when we got there. Broken glass on the ground, so we had to dodge those carrying your bike and bag with gear, while pushing a pram. Did you try picture that? 🙂 Then as we walked on further there had clearly been some form of festivities at this park the day or night before as it was ridden with empty bottles  of a variety of drinks and empty food packets. Not the best reception I tell you. I got to the registration building, did my thing got my number and swimming cap before my family and I found a spot next to the dam.

Throughout this the wind picked up and JJ was restless. He has always hated the wind. I recall back last year, he was about 4 months when we visited Cape Town. The one day was extremely windy and he just cried and cried until we got into the car away from the wind. Yesterday was pretty much the same.

The event organisers eventually informed us that the mini Triathlon had been downgraded to a Duathlon because the wind had made the waters too rough, and this also included the Kiddies triathlon. Alas, the main sprint Triathlon was going ahead for the seniors. I was now super nervous! Still when my heat was called up, off I went to the starting line, got into the water and that .. is where I started feeling the panic creep in … when the announcer says that the mini triathlon that was for novices had been called off because the waters were just too rough! Hmmm … really dude! How can you say that! When, here I am attempting my first in this group! How can you say that! I guess normal people would have packed up there and then and moved on, not me! I stayed frozen in my spot in the water!

Water wasn’t that cold, I’ve swam in colder waters before where your whole body goes numb it’s that cold!

The whistle was blown and everyone started swimming, me included. A short while in I realised my goggles weren’t over my eyes! LOL! Dropped those pretty quickly over my eyes. Then I looked down as I do normally in the pool and all I saw was murky water! I looked up and I don’t see a support boat near me. I swim some more. It just feels like I’m not getting anywhere, yet the shoreline is drifting father away from me. My mind races! What if this .. and that .. and this happens? I look up again, still no boat close by, swimmers are slowly moving farther away from me around the first buoy while others are reaching the mainland after their 750m swim or thereabouts .. you see the buoys kept moving farther out because of the wind.

That’s it! I took an executive decision and made my way back to the shore. Today, I realise the distance I’d swam out and back to the shore I would have been halfway through the swim route! Too late! For the first time in my life I quit something I’d started! What a kak feeling!!

After getting my bike and gear from the transition area, my family and I drove home basically in silence. I was so feeling sorry for myself. Disappointed with the fact I’d not completed something I’d been wanting to achieve in the longest time.

Thank you to all my friends and family for your words of encouragement. As hubby says, “Lift that chin up, train some more. Reach out to the professionals in your circle and focus on doing the next one!” So, that’s what I’m doing. Today is the first day of training towards my next one! Can’t confirm if December 14 will be the one .. but I’m working to actually completing my next attempt!

On a more happy note, this morning I dropped off our son at school. It’s been 3 weeks now. I was half expecting our usual routine where he cries foul when I drop him off. Nope! Not today! Today he was a big boy! He reached out to one of the teachers to carry him and didn’t shed a tear! Yes! Our young man seems to have finally settled into his new routine!

Now to focus on my Nike Soweto 10 km Run in November!