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Heritage Day 2014

UPDATE: Pictures from the run ..

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FNB 10KM Heritage Run
FNB 10KM Heritage Run

Today is a public holiday in South Africa, yep, it is Heritage Day!

On this day we’re celebrating the vast cultural differences found in this country, making us the Rainbow Nation that we are. That said, it has also in the last few years, begun to be known as Braai Day. Where we also celebrate the arrival of Spring and warm weather.

This year, I entered the FNB Heritage Run. Yes, it’s a 10km run taking us past the many beautiful heritage sites around this amazing city we call home, Johannesburg.

Next a couple of pictures of the various sites we will run past:


FNB Bank City source: www.citysightseeing-blog.co.za
FNB Bank City
source: http://www.citysightseeing-blog.co.za
Gandhi Square source: www.southernafricatravel.com
Gandhi Square
source: http://www.southernafricatravel.com
Johannesburg Library source: www.joburg.org.za
Johannesburg Library
source: http://www.joburg.org.za




Johannesburg Park Station source: www.travel.saricie.com
Johannesburg Park Station
source: http://www.travel.saricie.com




Johannesburg Civic Centre source: www.citysightseeing-blog.co.za
Johannesburg Civic Centre
source: http://www.citysightseeing-blog.co.za










Mining House Johannesburg source: www.cidforum.co.za
Mining House Johannesburg
source: http://www.cidforum.co.za



Constitution Hill source: www.evitravels.tumblr.com
Constitution Hill
source: http://www.evitravels.tumblr.com


Carlton Centre source : www.dilemma-x.net
Carlton Centre
source : http://www.dilemma-x.net



Nelson Mandela Bridge source : www.skyscrapercity.com
Nelson Mandela Bridge
source : http://www.skyscrapercity.com
Johannesburg City Hall source: www.tripomatic.com
Johannesburg City Hall
source: http://www.tripomatic.com









Market Theater source : www.johannesburg.cityseekr.com
Market Theater
source : http://www.johannesburg.cityseekr.com




Pieter Roos Park source : www.jhblive.com
Pieter Roos Park
source : http://www.jhblive.com







Yes, we live in a beautiful city don’t we .. a bit of everything really, concrete, greenery, wild life … and amazing weather!