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Day 3 .. a mixed bag …

Father and son ...Well it’s day 3, and the worst day so far…

Our young man was all excited and full of energy all the way until I parked the car in front of the school gate. The dry water works started and I’m told continued for a while after I had left.

Feedback from the teacher is that when he isn’t crying, he is fantastic! Follows instructions and is full of life. She too has noticed that it’s only when he sees some of the other children’s parents arrive before his that he has a challenge with life.

Driving home I mentioned that I had to go back to work after dropping him off with his nanny. OMW! Wrong thing to say! If he could already utter in phrases we could understand it would be along the lines of “WHILE ARE YOU LEAVING ME AGAIN?” “I TOLD YOU I’VE HAD ENOUGH FOR TODAY!” 

Had to tell him I would spend some quality time with him before I left for the office. It was the only way he calmed down .. that and some of his favourite delights … bribe works!

Our nanny tells me he only performs until I’m out of ear shot, then it’s back to normal life with him.

This afternoon’s update is that he slept well and now doesn’t want to leave the park .. comfort zone!

We wait for tomorrow now. I’m sure now that we’re getting crocodile tears … we’re progressing…!?