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Day 2 .. oh what to do … what to do …!

Happy Birthday Love!!Yes it’s day 2 of our young man’s school career, and it didn’t end well at all! Rather it didn’t start well either for that matter!

We got up, showered and dressed all good. Picked our bags, school and work, and headed for the car. At this point JJ wanted nothing to do with his school bag, unlike yesterday. He did want to board the car and head onto the road.

Traffic this morning was a little more hectic in comparison to yesterday, so we sat in it for a tad longer. He wasn’t enjoying that, but we managed to chat and pray as we made our way to the school. On arrival he was fine, got out the car and was anxious to open the school gate and make our way to the school grounds. He located “his” bike and started riding around, while I caught up with the teacher about his behaviour the day before.

Yes, I roll like that mos … get over it 🙂

Time for goodbye and our young man dropped that bike like a hot potato and the water works started. We spoke privately, told him I will be back etc .. nada, nothing. Eventually the teacher picked him up, I whispered goodbye and walked towards the gate. I dared not look back for fear of making it worse for him. My heart was breaking into a million pieces, I tell you. I wanted to start my water works .. but I was saved by another dad dropping off their child in front of me. Horrible! Horrible! At the parking lot two moms consoled me and told me that it would get better. I so want to believe them .. they should know after all, as both have children that have been there longer that our JJ.

The school has a policy that if your child isn’t enjoying the experience that you the parent needs to come collect them before the child becomes traumatized by school for life. There was no call yesterday, so hoped for the same today. Two hours post drop, no call .. I was beginning to smile. I didn’t get to my normal big smile! dammit! I received a call from the school….”you son isn’t having fun, please could you come fetch him a little earlier …”

I was at the school like a bullet!

JJ was waiting for me at the gate .. not in tears .. nor smiling .. I actually think he was focusing on the older kids that got to roam the school grounds more freely. Alas, the minute he saw me .. he was screaming for me to “save him”! When I picked him up there were no tears .. but he had been crying .. I am sure earlier in the day at drop off time.

Update from the teachers is that he wouldn’t let them change his nappies, and he only really started fussing when two other kid’s parents had arrived to fetch them for “upsetting” the other kids .. basically they were crying and wouldn’t stop. Summary is that when JJ sees some of the kids being fetched by their parents he also wants to experience the same .. and water works seems to be the route at the moment.

Ride home was so much better compared to yesterday. No tears! We chatted about what upset him and how we will always be around for him … etc.

The whole experience I think may be overwhelming him. Not sure why teachers encourage the full 5 days from the start, if this is how some of the children react to their first introduction to school life.

I’m praying really hard that tomorrow will be better, although, I’ve been told by the mother’s club that it is actually the worst! Some children take up to a week to settle .. let’s see.