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Day 1 of school career…


Yep the 9th September 2014 will forever be etched in my heart as the hardest day of my life! Our young man started his school career today.Day 1 of school

I think to begin with all 3 of us were both nervous and thrilled this day was finally upon us, but, yes BUT… I doubt very much any of us actually knew the emotional impact it would have on us until this day took place.

We all woke up bright and early, OK the weather also helped as it’s been rather warm. Someone on Facebook said that we’ve skipped Spring and gone straight to Summer .. yep it does seem that way.

Breakfast all round, shower and before we knew it we were in the car making our way, to what will become our new route for the next year or so .. if not longer should he get into the school we want to get him into.

When we arrived our one neighbour was also dropping off their child, whom JJ is very friendly with at home, however this morning, he was NOT having anything to do with him! He clung onto me for dear life. We made our way to his play area .. met the teacher and the other caretakers. JJ though, wanted nothing to do with them.

Eventually we found a bike, similar to what he has at home, this was the winner. He demanded to be put on the ground and he was off riding around the play area. Another young man, who too was having his first day at the school arrived and the two became instant mates. Luke is his name. Not sure how Luke’s day went, I didn’t see him when fetching JJ from school later.

As we left our son made a feeble attempt at crying, but when I looked back closer to the main gate there were no tears and he was roaming the grounds once more.

We were told to expect a call if he didn’t settle. All morning we were both hoping for no call, which was the case, but waiting for me at home time was a teary young man. He cried all the way home, and well into his sleep. I’m told by our helper that he woke up miserable too, but seems to have settled.

Responses from friends and family is that this is all normal behaviour, it takes a few days to settle. I recall being told two weeks max, if he hasn’t settled we need to wait until next year.

I know he loves the school and so do we. We will be taking it a day at a time and hope he settles in nicely.


Soweto Nike Run

This morning I saw that the Nike Team organizing the run in November have put out the route for the three runs taking place 42km, 21km and 10km.

Have you signed up yet? Time is running out .. fast.