Where has the time gone …

In under 24 hours, we will be introducing our young man to “formal” education system!

Yes, he is about to start play school tomorrow. Up until now I was so excited and looking forward to this phase in our lives. Now that it’s here… I’m so not sure uhmmm that I’m ready for it! He certainly is, he babbles daily on and on when we get home. Craving to chat to us comprehensively, as we do when we speak to him. He loves being around other children when we go out to the park or the local family restaurant.

Our young man is ready alright, his parents on the other hand .. I’m not so convinced…

All that said, it is going to happen sooner or later. We will ALL three of us have to accept this reality.

Tomorrow morning I am sure we will be there … and either all three teared up or for sure at least two .. and I’m not pointing fingers as to who those two will be 🙂