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The Weekend that was …

DadD's another day younger!

This past weekend I wanted it to be different.

Every year we ask each other what it is that the other wants for their birthday and we kinda just give them exactly that. This time round I wanted it to be different. Not a word was uttered, or possible hint given to hubby as I wanted to pull this surprise off sans hiccups!

First I reached out to his sister to see if she could make it up to JHB for the weekend. She has some challenges that we’re all grateful she managed to overcome, and make her way up to us for the weekend. Next I had to contact a few of his mates to see if they could join him.

Once all that was sorted it was time to find a venue, that would be chilled and give hubby a bit of that “you’re special” feeling while being child friendly. Found the perfect venue, one we’d driven past a few times while taking our young man to his swimming lessons… The Secret Garden! Hidden away in the middle of the hustle and bustle of JHB. The service and high tea menu was delicious!

The invites went out.

His sister, Shaz confirmed her arrival date and time. Last week Friday in the middle of the night off I went to “fill up” the car with petrol when I was actually collecting Shaz from the airport. Hubby was totally surprised when we got him. He wasn’t sure at first if he was seeing right .. and that’s when we saw this huge smile across his face that lasted the weekend.

Saturday early morning we hit the road making our way to our first Team K-L12 Duathlon. Hubby cycled and I ran. We aren’t totally fit so we have used this first one to work on our fitness and the remaining events to get us ready for next year’s, when we want to attempt the full Duathlon. Yes, this year we’re doing the Half Duathlons only! I ended up in the wrong batch and did 2km extra on the day. Overall hubby and I did great for our first one. Do hope we’re able to keep up for the next one next month!

Sunday morning started pretty early! Our young man woke up normal time, and this was my gap. Off to the kitchen we went to make his milk, and some coffee for dadD, I cut a piece of cake for dadD and added a single candle so that we could we hubby. We got him by total surprise and mid sleep. JJ actually helped dadD blowout his candle too! Guess he will be blowing out his own candles this year!

Next surprise was breakfast .. but just before that though, hubby had a massage scheduled with my regular therapist. Following the race the day before it went down really well.

Not sure what happened, but suddenly we were behind schedule. It was time for the last surprise for the day… the Secret Garden. Eluding that we wanted to take our young man to the park before Shaz left, off we got into the car and made our way. As he entered the garden .. he caught a glimpse of friends Nadia and Sean waiting for us. It was so special watching him take all this in and appreciating it.

Before we knew it, it was time to get Shaz back to the airport.

It was a fantastic day, yes even if I say so myself.

I honestly love my hubby, and I have from the first day I set eyes on him.

Why do I love him so, here are 10 reason…:

  1. He loves me unconditionally!
  2. He would turn water to wine, if I asked … he would find a way I swear!
  3. He makes me smile, when it feels like the world has it in for me!
  4. How he tucks our son and I into bed every night, and kisses us both goodnight
  5. He loves it when I do anything sporty, and supports me all the way to the finish line
  6. He will let me try things out, even if it’s not something he approves
  7. He enjoys whatever I cook or bake, even if I KNOW it’s not my best effort
  8. He gives with an open heart
  9. When things are tough, he assures us that things will get better .. which they do!
  10. He loves our son and I almost … as much as we love him!