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Past mid July … already!

Road Fun Run

The last few weekends have been lacking some physical activities in the form of exercise. Mainly due to ill health and recovery. This past weekend I seem to have tried to make up for it.

Saturday morning I ran our usual Parkrun at 8am. Although the mornings are starting to warm up, the air still had a bit of a bite to it. Our friend Stephan joined us as well, although I let him finish way ahead of me due to his amazing fitness. That said, I had a good recovery run beating my time the previous week, but not yet beating my personal best time! I will get there.

The afternoon Stephan and I also did a charity run, a 6.7 km run post Mandela Day. It was so much fun, although I felt 80% of the run. Post that last run on Saturday, it really does feel like Trail running is much easier than road running … or perhaps it’s just that I am not too familiar with road running?

Stephan and I before the start of the 6.7 km Fun Run

So, yes I think I’m back and really making a good attempt at getting fitter and ready for the races we want to enter in the remainder of the year. This weekend hubby and I are a team and have entered the Momentum Health Oatwell Dual Cross Series event #1. I’m so looking forward to it, and really hope it’s loads of fun, so hoping that it leads us to completing the rest of the series too.

Later this year I’ve also entered a Triathlon and don’t forget the biggest road cycling race in Jozi over the same period. So much committed .. really looking forward to ticking these boxes!

Action without vision is only passing time, Vision without action is merely day dreaming, BUT vision with action can change the world – Nelson Mandela

This weekend our young man also surprised us dads by starting to refer to us as “daddee“. The whole weekend was daddee .. this and daddee that … we of course loved it! We have progressed from being referred to as dada. He is clearly setting up his vocabulary database, Sunday morning I say to him “morning” .. he responds by saying his version of “morning too! Right now, he has morning, daddee and amennn, with emphasis on the n. Of these daddee is the word used with more frequency and commitment.

Really enjoying this ride!