hylery, Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday from Zanzibar -Tanzania

We came over for my friend Mechel’s island wedding last Saturday. I then decided we would stay on as a family of three and enjoy this gorgeous island some more …

So far no regrets!

Yes I know I said wordless Wednesday … But heck I have to share with you some …

The wedding was simple but oh so stunning!

We have met some amazing people from across the globe the last few days.
Two Russian girls Eri and Anna. Eri is taken by JJ and is not giving up on him liking her back … Let’s say he is also warming up to the idea … He was dishing out kisses this afternoon or rather allowing her to kiss his cheek. We met the Danish gran, German gran, and the many French lasses …

Then we met Alida, please excuse spelling, and Nico who grew up with our groom Phil. As much as she tried JJ wasn’t liking her one bit .. Until yesterday morning at breakfast when she too was granted a hug before their flight.. To Jhb via Nairobi and Rwaanda.

JJ being the youngest in the resort at the moment he has everyone smitten … Grannies missing their grand kids … The young lasses left broody ..feel sorry for the boyfriends … And new husbands … As there are many here on honeymoon.

Hubby is finally getting a bit of a tan.

I’m hoping the mozzies biting us on the sly are just leaving a bite and nothing more … e.g Malaria

The young man and I have not been spared but also have burnt some ..

Love the idea of a summer break while the rest back home are freezing….