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JJ’s first bike race .. ride!

This morning bright and early JJ, hubby and I packed up our young man’s bike and helmet and made our way to Melrose Arch for JJ’s first “Cycle” race. It was all for a good cause, and we saw it as an opportunity to introduce our son to the world of sports and cycling. 


JJ was in his element. The moment the bike was on the ground he was on it and racing off down the road. Hubby went to register our young man while I chased him down the road. Unreal how a few weeks makes such a huge difference. Just a month back, JJ wanted very little to do with the bike, and this last week it’s all he wants. You mention to him the bike, and he rushes off looking for it.

The process to the start of the race was a tad slow. I’m not sure if the organisers knew what they were doing, or if they were just not aware what it would take to arrange this race.

While we waited for the start, JJ as mentioned was roaming the grounds and sussing out the competition. He and another young man hooked up as men their age do, and rode the route a while. At some point JJ motored away trying to catch up with dadD, leaving behind his mate. While this happened his mom arrived and asked him to follow her back to their table. He promptly turns to her and says “Ek wag vir my maaitjie(sp)” – basically “I’m waiting for my mate” referring to JJ as his new-found mate. Just too cute to be young!

It was really too adorable watching these two strangers, who literally only just met, chilling together like they’ve been mates forever! Sad, that as adults we’re not this spontaneous when it come to meeting new people. We have all these pre conditions or boxes that need to be ticked before we consider someone any good to be “worthy” of our friendship?

Following some song and dance, literally, the race eventually started. Off everyone went, parents and kids everywhere. This was the 18 months to 3 year olds. A tad large age group I think, and the distance too a tad far. Yet another reason I think the organisers weren’t too sure about what they were doing. Children this young get bored pretty quick, and this became evidently clear as the race progressed due to the many tears along the route and parent carrying either child and pulling bike or pulling bike while child walked in front.

During the ride JJ had enough and didn’t really want to ride anymore. Nor did he want to be pulled along. Eventually we settled on me carrying him and dadD carrying the bike for a few metres. As you may have guessed, this too became too much for our young man and he decided that he wanted to ride his bike again. He wanted no one to pull or push him he wanted to create his own route to the finish line!

We reached the finish line and JJ was awarded his first, of many we hope, medals.

He wasn’t first nor was he last, but that wasn’t the aim of the race. Fun to be had by all riding was. I do think this was achieved.

HospiceWITS was the charity being supported today. Nathalie du Toit – South African Olympic Medalist – was present too showing her support to the day. 

Once home JJ was too exhausted. Some juice and he was off to bed for a good nap. He slept all morning waking up just before lunch.

He ravished his lunch and then demanded his time with dadD’s iPad. I’m not sure what it is that he finds so fascinating with it, all I see him doing is move the screens from left to right. We’re not permitted to touch it while he is busy with it. Sigh .. a sign of things to come?

Carte Blanche is on, a sure sign that the weekend is over. Time to get things ready for the week ahead. I have much to do and achieve.

It has been a weekend way too relaxed in terms of physical exercise. Non achieved!

Tomorrow we’re back on the grind mill. I have either a bike or road run this coming weekend and I need to be ready for it!

Feeling blessed!