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For many years I made myself believe that I could not manage to run more than 400m at any given time. I had accepted that this was for my sisters and hubby, I believed that I would run out of breath before I could finish and my feet wouldn’t get me to the finish line.

This past weekend I achieved this “great” feat that for the longest time seemed unachievable in my eye. Friends had mentioned about a new craze here called Parkruns. If there’s a public park near you, there’s a good chance there’s a 5km run there on Saturday mornings.  Hubby did his first one two weeks back, but sprained his ankle in the process.  Sad state of affairs! Before this though, we had agreed that we’d alternate weekend runs. So last week Saturday was mine. Relying totally on my spinning of the last 30 odd days, I started off. Although there were moments through the run I felt like calling it quits…I just couldn’t allow myself to. Needless to say I finally managed to finish and ended up 7th in my age group. Not bad huh?!


Tonight I managed to achieve yet another milestones.  I recall in high school how I feared swimming the 1500m Freestyle.  It felt long and exhausting.  I did it once then and never again … until recently.

For the last few swims I have managed to push myself to swim at least 1000m.  My intention has been to increase it by 500m every month. Last week I started feeling like I was ready for the increase.

Last night I got into the pool and just swam. For the first 30 minutes I just swam. Eventually stopped after 30 min to see how far I had swum…. O.M.G! I had completed 1450 already. Wow! Wow! From this point I pushed myself to reach the 2km mark … so we skipped the 1500m and reached 2000m just like that.

I’m really chaffed with myself.

Looking forward to achieving more of these milestones.


I’ve decided I will do a few more parks close to us before I venture an increase in the mileage.

So far though, it’s been fun. What’s next….