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It has been a while … hasn’t it?

I’m not sure why, but I haven’t been feeling like an “author” for the last few weeks. It’s not like I’m bored with the blog .. I think, nor is it that there isn’t much news with our young man. If you’re a parent you will know that everyday .. every half hour for that matter .. your child will do something worth sharing with pride.

This was our second Easter with our young man, but the first one where he kinda could share with us and it’s moments with us feeling that he was participating actively at some level. All said, we know now that he appreciated the Easter eggs but not too many … shoo are we glad about that or what! That’s a plus for sure and something I hope will continue for life. On the other hand, he loves Robyn’s Butter Biscuits. Yes I know that she probably isn’t the owner of that recipe .. but it was on her website that I came across it and we’ve all enjoyed it as a family since then!

Our young man is 18 months this week .. yep another milestone! I still pinch myself daily because I can’t believe how blessed hubby and I are for having him join our world and completing our little family.

Last week, JJ’s nanny mentioned to hubby that she’s concerned that he isn’t forming any words as yet. I guess under “normal” circumstances we should be worried … but we not! Why, well because we speak to him in two languages. Mostly English but also in Portuguese, I’d say that we’re on 60/40 in terms of language split. He understands both fluently, but refuses to actually utter anything to make nanny content. I’ve also read a few articles that make mention that children exposed to more than one language in these formative years tend to take longer to start speaking. That said, I’ve noticed that our young man is beginning to copy .. granted seldom .. some of the words we say. Banana is Nana .. Night night .. is nite nite .. Lion .. he makes his version of the roar sound.. We getting there …

Hubby and I have finally agreed on when to start his schooling career. Yep, soon after he is 20 months he will begin play school. The school we decided on is frequented by a few of our neighbours children and our doctors receptionist grandchild as well. So, comes highly recommended by these folks. We visited the school a few weeks back and were impressed by their reception following our unannounced visit to their premises .. yep read it in our local media recently after the sad case recently in the south of Johannesburg of the little girl who was tied up while left in the care of the play school caregivers… that if you’re welcomed unannounced at the school that’s one plus for the school. I know there is so much more we should consider, but for now our visit was great, meeting the teachers who seemed to be just as welcoming as the school owner/principal. I am sure that once JJ starts his vocabulary will grow, and we will all be wishing he would keep quiet just for 5 minutes ..

On Saturday, we took our young man to get his Yellow Fever Vaccine as it’s required for one of our forthcoming breaks. I know I shouldn’t have, and the doctor was quick to reprimand me .. he was nice about it … but I intended to tell JJ to stay calm and all will be fine. Instead, what came out was along the lines of how sore it will be! LOL! FAIL of note I know! It all went fine. Our young man is strong! It’s over now, so we don’t have to worry about it for the next 10 years, we will however, continue to monitor him just incase he reacts negatively.

Well, that’s been us since my last post.

Hope you’ve kept well.


PS – if you’re in South Africa .. don’t forget to VOTE on the 7th May 2014!!!