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This is our second Good Friday …

Shaz chatting to JJ
Shaz chatting to JJ

Yep, this time last year our little man was a wee mini man. Merely granting us smiles and little giggles as he thought appropriate. This year it’s different, as he is gracing us with more that laughter. He is smiling, running around, uttering baby lingo but expressing himself so much more and clearly too. He is being a real blessing to us.

Aunty Shaz arrived last night en route to Phuket in Thailand. As she was only flying out this afternoon, we managed to spend some quality time with her last night and breakfast this morning. JJ took a little while to reconnect with her, and once that had happened it was all giggles and smiles before we once more had to say goodbye as she had to head on to the airport.

The rest of today we spent at home really just relaxing and enjoying each other’s coming and remembering what today is really all about. Hubby and I enjoyed some good old pickled fish thanks for my mates Kanitha and sister Debbie, JJ enjoyed some toddler friendly lasagna.

Pickled Fish .. else it just wouldn't be Easter
Pickled Fish .. else it just wouldn’t be Easter

Afternoon we took the dogs around the block for a walk and JJ ran his 100m around the block too. Funny part is that when we get to the more hilly parts of the road, our young man demands that he be picked up … he is tired!

We decided to also pop into the park for a while and let him explore the area, which he did so confidently! He was on the trampoline jumping around and giggling away as it’s pretty clear he adores it. The jungle Jim was next and surprisingly he is now super confident climbing on and off it, and showing off the various was he has mastered to come down the slide, too amusing! You would have to be there to appreciate it really.

Following this we decided to challenge him and got him to climb up wood slabs and walk across old tires holding onto the side bars. WOW! He was on there like a professional! It was so cool to see him being cautious, yet not backing off the challenge. I did learn that if he isn’t sure, he won’t do the activity. Instead, he will look at us for support and guidance. He won’t though chicken out.

We headed on home for bath and supper, before he requested we put him to bed.

Beautiful day with my family, filled with love and appreciation for the day and the sacrifice God made on this day.

Hope you having a super Easter Weekend!

Stay blessed!