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Overnight he doesn’t fuss …

Out in the Park
Out in the Park

This past weekend was busy! Shoo! Haibo .. as we say it out this side of the world.

Hubby working all through the weekend, shopping for a new wardrobe for our little man in between his shifts, attending the launch of a new kids clothing range, time in the park, a cycling race that we ended up not attending and of course some baking .. just would not be a complete weekend with something delicious for my boys!

Finally tried out a recipe from one of the recipe books I was blessed with for my birthday a while back, clear guidelines from start to finish .. pretty easy to make and recipe to follow. Hubby will tell you they weren’t enough, but for a first attempt I think it was just the right quantity.


Up until this week, our young man always fussed when it was time to go to bed. He would ask for his bottle and run to our bedroom, running right past his own. At times I would stop just to close his blinds and make sure his door was locked, get his bed ready for him and turn on the mosquito sprayer. When this happened, he would start “crying” and demanding that I leave his room and follow him to our.

This week though things just seem to have miraculously changed on their own. He still grabs his milk bottle and walks off to our room. Still cries if I happen to go into his room first, but .. here is the change that has me grinning from ear to ear with pride. Monday night he finished his milk, and we lay reading, then singing a few of his favourite songs. When I finished I said it was bed time. JJ gets up, and gets himself off the bed, and waits for me to follow. He walks right into his room and waits by his bed. I wish him good night and tell him how much I love him. He leans forward kisses me goodnight and I put him down on his bed, he snuggles into his pillow, I cover him and he falls asleep right away. First time this had happened.

Model in the making ,,
Model in the making ,,

Every night since, our little man has done the same. At first I thought it was only happening to me, but it turns out he surprised hubby too when he put him to bed last night.Our little man is growing up. Part of me is elated of course, at the same time reality hits .. but for now .. I’m going to be enjoying every moment with him ..

His self-confidence in the park’s jungle gym has grown tremendously “overnight”, he is jumping away on the trampoline, it has a net around it for safety, and he is on there forever. On the swing he loves lifting off and going backwards and forwards.

We’ve really been blessed by our little man!

We don’t have to many family members close to us with kids, so as much as dadD wants to keep him at home for as long as possible I think it’s time he began making friends his own age. Hubby and I have looked at different school options, just to make do our best at picking one that will best draw the most out of him. Allow him to grow and be the person he is meant to be .. grow his confidence and encourage him to do his best at all times without fear.

I’m aware with this step, there will be questions…. but we can’t avoid them and will treat each as they come to the best of our abilities and age appropriate.

So yes, our young man is growing up .. reaching yet another milestone. I now firmly have a toddler!