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It’s the weekend Baby!

clothing april
clothing april

Yep the weekend is upon us once more. Do you too feel like it got here rather fast?

What’s on your agenda for the weekend?

For us it promises to be yet another one with loads of activities, I’m not entirely convinced it’s the best way. As lately all our weekends just seem to be hectic, and leaves me wondering if we achieved much really.

This weekend is the official launch for 4Kidz, I mentioned it on this post. I am looking forward to it and hoping that there will be something amazing for our young man.

biking april
biking april

There’s also my first road ride since June last year. With the arrival of JJ I stopped cycling last year and just haven’t seemed to gotten the energy to get back on the bike and hit a few miles be it on or off road. Sad really, as I was starting to enjoy it. Read that last comment as “I stopped falling too often ..” Hubby and I will be riding it together. He is great like that, and from all indications coming from his side of the world, it’s what he wants us to do going forward, that is ride races together! Sweet isn’t he ..

The other reason I need to get my cycling into gear is that I’ve officially entered us both in this years 94.7 Cycle Challenge .. so I need us to us .. actually me .. to start putting some serious mileage into these legs. This race will be the start I hope. We’re starting off slow, we doing the 41KM .. and will gradually pick up the mileage to eventual equal as close to 100 as possible. When we’ve completed these we hope to also add the Argus to the list of races we will complete together .. wish us luck .. more pray I finish please!

cupcakes april
cupcakes april

We then have Sunday afternoon, this is normally the time I bake and cook for the family. Roast for dinner and some serious dessert or two ..

I took note that this morning there was an order placed .. but rather sly about it too.. for cupcakes. I love a good challenge .. that I do. So this weekend I will be putting into good use the cupcake recipe and icing book generously given to me as a birthday present by Nadia.

Perhaps my post of the weekend will reveal a thing or two.

There definitely will be cupcakes .. and deep down am hoping I’m able to share with you my finishing medal and a decent time too.

What have you got planned?